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(above: William Wendt, Wandering Shadows, 1925, oil on canvas, 25 x 30 inches, Mills College Art Museum. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


Weston J. Naef

"Alfred Stieglitz, Seen and Unseen" American Art Review December 95-January 96 (status)

Openings and Closings at the Getty Museums: Pictures of the Collection (6/97)

Getty Museum Announces Important Gifts of Photographs (6/10/99)

Carleton Watkins: From Where the View Looked Best (11/18/99)

"The Snapshot as Social Memory" American Art Review November-December 2004 (Volume XVI, Number 6)


Milo M. Naeve

"An Aristocratic Windsor in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia"  American Art Journal ( vol. 11, no. 3; 1979)

"Dutch Colonists and English Style in New York City: Silver Syllabub Cups by Cornelius Kierstede, Gerrit Onckelbag, and Jurian Blanck, Jr." American Art Journal ( vol. 19, no. 3; 1987)

"William Rush's Terracotta and Plaster Busts of General Andrew Jackson"  American Art Journal ( vol. 21, no. 1; 1989)

Carol A. Nathanson

"Orville Houghton Peets: Painter, Printmaker and Illustrator"  American Art Journal ( vol. 14, no. 4; 1982)

Francis M. Naumann

Conversion to Modernism: The Early Work of Man Ray ; essays by Francis M. Naumann and Gail Stavitsky (9/2/03)



Mark E. Neely, Jr., Gabor S. Boritt, and Harold Holzer

"Francis Bicknell Carpenter (1830-1900): Painter of Abraham Lincoln and His Circle" American Art Journal ( vol. 16, no. 2; 1984)

Emily Ballew Neff

"ohn Singleton Copley's 'Native Realism' & 'English Improvement'" American Art Review February-March 96 (status)

Acquisition of Paintings by William Merritt Chase and Charles Willson Peale Enriches American Holdings of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (8/2/98)

John Singer Sargent in Houston Collections (9/21/98)

"American Art on Display" at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (3/31/99)

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Acquires The Last of the Tribes by Celebrated American Sculptor Hiram Powers (1/13/01)

American Spectrum: Paintings and Sculpture from the Smith College Museum of Art (2/16/01)

The Cos Cob Art Colony: Impressionists on the Connecticut Shore (6/18/01)

Paintings of Native America from the Stark Museum of Art (12/03/01)

Cassatt and Duncanson Paintings Acquired by MFAH (2/11/02)

Dual Exhibitions Explore American Landscapes at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (9/25/03)

Magazine Antiques Copley in England - artist John Singleton Copley, Oct, 1995 by Emily Ballew Neff

"The Modern West: American Landscapes, 1890-1950" American Art Review January-February 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 1)

John Singleton Copley's 'Native' Realism & His English 'Improvement'; exhibition description by Emily Ballew Neff (11/8/07)


Emily Ballew Neff & Melina Kervandjian

"Museum of Fine Arts, Houston" American Art Review November-December 2001 (Volume XIII, Number 6)


Peter C. Neger

"Italian Renaissance Revival Architecture in America: The Villard Houses, 1882-85" American Art Review September-October 1976 (Volume III, Number 5)

Greg Nelson and Ginny Allen

"Melville Wire: Oregon Impressionist" American Art Review March-April 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 2)


Hal Nelson

"Independent Visions, California Modernism, 1940-1970" American Art Review October-November 94 (status)


Nick Nelson

"Albany Museum of Art" American Art Review July-August 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 4)


Richard E. Nelson

Shared Passion: The Richard E. and Dorothy Rawlings Nelson Collection of American Indian Art; essay by Richard E. Nelson (8/3/01)


Ronald C. Nelson

California, Seen: Landscapes of a Changing California, 1930-1970; essay by Ronald C. Nelson (10/14/08)


Alexander Nemerov

"Frederic Remington: Within and Without the Past" American Art (Vol. 5, No. 1-2; Winter/Spring 1991)

"N. C. Wyeth's Theater of Illustration" American Art (Vol. 6, No. 2; Spring 1992)

"Projecting the Future: Film and Race in the Art of Charles Russell" American Art (Vol. 8, No. 1; Winter 1994)

"Vanishing Americans: Abbott Thayer, Theodore Roosevelt, and the Attraction of Camouflage" American Art (Vol. 11, No. 2; Summer 1997)

"Strength and Death in Carl Rungius's Wary Game" American Art (Vol. 13, No. 3; Fall 1999)

"The Dark Cat: Arthur Putnam and a Fragment of Night" American Art (Vol. 16, No. 1; Spring 2002)


Marjorie B. Searl & Ronald Netsky

"George Bellows at Woodstock" American Art Review March-April 2003 (Volume XV, Number 2)


Roy Neuberger

Roy Neuberger on Selecting Art


Norman Neuerburg

"Painting in the California Missions" American Art Review July 1977 (Volume IV, Number 1)

The California Missions in Art - 1786 to 1890; essay by Norman Neuerburg (2/18/05)


Steven D. Neuwirth

"The Images of Place: Puritans, Indians, and the Religious Significance of the New England Frontier" American Art Journal ( vol. 18, no. 2; 1986)

Rick Newby

Peter Koch: Nature/Morte with article by Rick Newby (4/7/04)


Beaumont Newhall

"Berenice Abbott, 1898-1991: An Appreciation" American Art (Vol. 6, No. 1; Winter 1992)


Alexandra Nicholis

"Rediscovering William T. Mathews" American Art Review July-August 2005 (Volume XVII, Number 4)


Douglas R. Nickel

"American Photographs Revisited" American Art (Vol. 6, No. 2; Spring 1992)


Cindy Nickerson

"A Century of Impressionism on Cape Cod" American Art Review July-August 1999 (Volume XI, Number 4)

"The Art of Martha Cahoon" American Art Review May-June 2001 (Volume XIII, Number 3)

Simple Pleasures: The Art of Martha Cahoon, including essay by Cindy Nickerson (6/1/01)

Peter Coes; essay by Cindy Nickerson (2/28/02)

"Margaret J. Patterson: Master of Color & Design" American Art Review September-October 2006 (Volume XVIII, Number 5)

Margaret J. Patterson: Master of Color and Light, with article "Margaret Patterson: Master of Color and Design" by Cindy Nickerson (11/28/06)


Cynthia D. Nickerson

"Artistic Interpretations of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Song of Hiawatha, 1855­1900" American Art Journal ( vol. 16, no. 3; 1984)


Jessica F. Nicoll

"Winslow Homer, Sharpshoote" American Art Review Spring 93 (status),

"Robert Henri & His Circle, The Allure of the Maine Coast" American Art Review August-September 95 (status)

"A Legacy from Maine, The Elizabeth B. Noyce Collection" American Art Review February 97 (status)

To Be Modern: The Origins of Marguerite and William Zorach's Creative Partnership, 1911-1922; essay by Jessica Nicoll (10/3/01)

Landscape Painting in Portland, Maine, essay by Jessica Nicoll (7/ 12/03)

Magazine Antiques Charles Codman: from limner to landscape painter, Nov, 2002 by Jessica Nicoll

A Legacy From Maine: The Elizabeth B. Noyce Collection; article by Jessica Nicoll (12/1/07)

Robert Henri & His Circle: The Allure of the Maine Coast; article by Jessica Nicoll (12/1/07)


Karla J. Niehus

Rediscovering Nina Belle Ward; essay by Karla J. Niehus (6/11/15)


Nancy Noble

History of Women Artists in the United States: 19th Century to the 1960s; essay by Nancy Noble (1/13/11)


Alexander J. Noelle

A Medium for the Masses and Masters Alike; brochure essay by Alexander J. Noelle for the exhibition The Great American Watercolor (5/15/10)

Bringing the Colony to Light; Introduction essay by Alexander J. Noelle (8/17/11)

The Gravity of Provincetown; essay by Alexander J. Noelle (8/17/11)


Scott W. Nolley

Magazine Antiques The nature of Edward Hicks's painting - Cover Story, Feb, 1999 by Scott W. Nolley, Carolyn J. Weekley


Gerald Nordland

"Gaston Lachaise Portrait Sculpture" American Art Review March-April 1975 (Volume II, Number 2)


Andrea Spaulding Norris

American Art Review "Sanford Gifford: A Discovery Joins a University Collection" February-March 96 (status)

Sanford Gifford: A Discovery Joins a University Collection; article by Andrea S. Norris (12/12/08)


Cori Sherman North

"Women Artists in the Moffett Collection" American Art Review January-February 2006 (Volume XVIII, Number 1)

"Colorado Rockies: Art from the Moffett Collection" American Art Review, May-June 2008 (Volume XX, Number 3)

The Colorful Worlds of Janet Turner and Norma Bassett Hall: Art from the Moffett Collection; essay by Cori Sherman North (5/12/15)

40 Years of the Prairie Water Color Painters; essay by Cori Sherman North (5/14/15)

From Chanute to Phoenix, Paintings by Ralph Goltry (1884-1971); essay by Cori Sherman North (8/8/15)

A Generous Spirit: Paintings and Prints by Doel Reed; essay by Cori Sherman North (10/10/15)

An Eye for Beauty: Carl Wm. Peterson (1919-2009); text by Cori Sherman North (12/1/15)

A Zest for Life and Paint: Anna E. Keener (1895-1982); text by Cori Sherman North (3/14/16)

The Art of a Prairie Child: Helen West Heller, 1872-1955; text by Cori Sherman North (6/29/16)

Birds & Beyond: The Prints of Maurice R. Bebb; essay by Cori Sherman North (9/21/16)


Percy North

"Bernhard Gutmann: Face to Face" American Art Review September-October 98 (status)


James H. Nottage

Drawn from Life: The Art of George Carlson; essay by James H. Nottage (3/28/08)


Barbara Novak

"Some American Words: Basic Aesthetic Guidelines, 1825-1870"  American Art Journal ( vol. 1, no. 1; 1969)

"American Landscape: Changing Concepts of the Sublime" American Art Journal ( vol. 4, no. 1; 1972)

Martin Johnson Heade: The Enigmatic Self; essay by Barbara Novak (2/14/05)


Barbara Novak & Louis Zona

"A Portrait of America: The Nation & Ohio" American Art Review January-February 2007 (Volume XIX, Number 1) (status)


Alexandra Novina

A Swell of Sentiment, essay by Alexandra Novina (1/26/05)


Jadviga da Costa Nunes

"Red Jacket: The Man and His Portraits" American Art Journal ( vol. 12, no. 3; 1980)


(above: Guy Rose (1867-1925), Mist over Point Lobos, 1918, 28.5 ? 24 inches, Fleischer Museum. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


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