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(above:  William Frerichs, North Carolina Mountain Landscape, 19th century, oil on canvas, 30 x 47.9 inches, Heritage Auctions. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)



Illustrated Audio Online is a catalogue published by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) since 2003. Each illustrated audio item focuses on representational art.

Illustrated audio materials are cross-referenced in TFAO's catalogue Topics in American Art, which contains links to thousands of Resource Library articles and essays by topic. Each topic also contains links to other online texts from museums and other sources, online video and audio recordings, plus references to topical videos in DVD and VHS format, paper-printed books and articles.

Contents are valuable to educators designing course content, scholars, students and librarians conducting research, plus art lovers everywhere seeking greater understanding of American art. Enjoy!



ArtsPass® is an online arts and entertainment video on demand network which provides free access to streaming video. The site contains the ArtsPass Library which "features original Arts4All produced streaming videos spanning everything arts: music, theatre, dance, literature, film, photography, visual arts, and arts education. Content, with accompanying Lesson Plans, features well-known and new artists, arts institutions, and educators. Search-and-play simplicity makes it easy to experience your choice." To see four TFAO-related videos go to the "Tell Me About" pull-down menu on the home page, select "Video on Demand," then "Arts Pass Library" and choose:

"Cassatt, Mary (1844-1926) (Visual Arts) (10:28) Mary Cassatt was an American-born painter who lived and worked in France as an important member of the Impressionist group. Cassatt's parents were not enthused with their daughter's aspirations to become an artist, preferring instead for her to return home to marry and settle down, but the strong-willed Cassatt proclaimed her independence at age 22 and left America to paint in France. Cassatt's life was marked by her bold resolve to transcend conventional expectations for women and today she is acknowledged as one of the great American artists of the nineteenth century. Written by Michael Patrick Kelly."
"O'Keeffe, Georgia (1887-1986) (Visual Arts) (15:44) This vivid visual presentation of one of America's most important and successful artists, Georgia O'Keeffe, offers insight into her exhibitions in New York, her life in New Mexico, and her relationship with the internationally known photographer and art impresario, Alfred Stieglitz. Her works include oils, charcoals, pencil sketches, and watercolors as well as objects in clay produced in her later years. Written by Paul Foster."
"Rockwell, Norman (1894-1978) (Visual Arts) (14:32) Norman Rockwell was one of America's most beloved illustrators. Producing work for such magazines as Life, Look, Literary Digest, A Boys' Life, the official publication of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as his 321 covers, over 47 years, for The Saturday Evening Post, Rockwell's legacy is found in paintings capturing both the ordinary and extraordinary moments of everyday life in 20th century America. Written by Paul Foster."
"Sargent, John Singer (1856-1925) (Visual Arts) (20:23) John Singer Sargent, the American expatriate known for his elegant portraits, created more than 900 oils and over 2,000 watercolors along with countless charcoal sketch-portraits and endless pencil drawings, easily making him the most prolific of American artists and one of the most successful portrait painters in both England and America. Written by Paul Foster."

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Brooklyn Museum of Art

Brushed with Light: American Landscape Watercolors from the Collection: Audio Slideshow Curator Terry Carbone and Paper Conservator Rachel Danzing discuss the process of conserving the works featured in the exhibition Brushed with Light. This tour took place at the Museum on November 18, 2007.


Chicago Humanities Festival

The Chicago Humanities Festival presents a Terra Foundation for American Art lecture series with art history slideshows online, including


Freer Gallery of Art

The Peacock Room from the Smithsonian Institution is an illustrated audio presentaton. According to John Gordy, Head of Digital Media, Smithsonian Institution Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and Freer Gallery of Art, the content for the online presentation came from a book by the former American art curator, Linda Merell titled "The Peacock Room: A Cultural Biography." The Freer Gallery's Peacock Room is where James McNeill Whistler transformed his patron's dining room into a landmark of interior design.


Grand Rapids Art Museum

Gordon Parks Photography from the Grand Rapids Art Museum provides a narration over a series for photographs by the artist. For more on Gordon Parks and other African-American artists please see African American Art. (Link found expired as of 4/21/09 audit. Source site may contain this content via a revised URL) (4/27/09 advanced search failed to locate content on source's site)


Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

The Maynard L. Parker collection Web page from The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens says: "The Huntington's Curator of Photographs, Jennifer A. Watts, discusses the magnificent use of lighting, furnishings, and space in Maynard Parker's mid-century architectural photography..." (05:19)


National Gallery of Art

Winslow Homer's Right and Left from the National Gallery of Art is a narrated show interpreting one painting. Narration is by Nicolai Cikovsky Jr., senior curator of American and British paintings. A transcript is included in the presentation.


Museum of Nebraska Art

Nebraska Public Television has a web page that archives "MONA Moments on Nebraska Public Radio," written and narrated by Ron Roth, the director of the Museum of Nebraska Art. The MOMA Moments page lists about 80 brief audio presentations, each presentation being a Moment. There is a link to a separate page for each Moment. A Moment page contains a link to enable the viewer to replay the audio broadcast, a complete transcript of the audio, plus an image of the art subject being covered.


Nebraska Educational Telecommunications

Nebraska Educational Telecommunications offers "Art Treasures of Nebraska" a series on one-minute video clips of artists featured in Nebraska Museums. To see the series click on a museum name at the top of the page. Go to Google Video and enter the keywords "Art Treasures of Nebraska".


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Ansel Adams from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, includes a seven-slide narrated slide show. (Macromedia Flash and QuickTime)


Smithsonian American Art Museum


Sullivan Goss Gallery

Sullivan Goss offers "SGTV Audio Video Brochures" to accompany exhibitions. Examples are found in the Gallery's website section titled "exhibitions " and include:


Terra Foundation for American Art

Since 2005, the Terra Foundation has awarded grants to the Chicago Humanities Festival in support of public lectures and a "master class" on the history of American art and visual culture at the organization's annual two-week celebration of the humanities. The Terra Foundation Lecture on American Art is intended to expose Chicagoans to leading scholars and thinkers in the field of American art. Online versions of the lectures are available on the Chicago Humanities Festival's website. You can listen to the lecture, see a slideshow, and read a transcript online at any time. (text adapted from online text by Terra Foundation)


Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis developed a Graduate Online Lecture Project. Click on "to the lectures," then "Humanities," then "Art History," then "Mike Murphy - Art History - A Double Vision: Stereoscopy, Urban Modernity and Childe Hassam's 'Rainy Day, Boston' " (2002) The site contains another art history lecture by Felicia Else titled Territorial Currents: Waterways and River Gods, (2001) on water-related imagery in 16th century Florence. These lectures are components of doctoral dissertations by the lecturers.


Whitney Museum of American Art

The Whitney Museum of American Art's American Voices audio tour introduces many of the art works in the Permanent Collection. The tour features the voices of notable artists, authors, and scholars as well as Whitney curators, all of whom bring multiple perspectives to the works. The Story of America tour features 27 key works in the museum's collection. Each audio clip is accompanied with a transcript and image of the art work being discussed. The program uses RealPlayer.


YouTube miscellaneous illustrated audio presentations

Andrew Wyeth [03:29] Andrew Newell Wyeth (born July 12, 1917) paintings set to music.
Andrew Wyeth [03:11] A photo tour of the Olsen House, made famous in paintings and drawings by Andrew Wyeth.
Chihuly Exhibit - No Transitions [5:48] Chihuly Exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens (Bronx, NY) on October 9, 2006
Frederic Edwin Church [08:24] Landscapes of F.E. Church set to the music of Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring.
Georgia O'Keeffe's Flowers [03:17]
John Ottis Adams, American Impressionist Painter, 1851-1927 (03:03) The artist's paintings and music from Copeland's Appalachian Spring
Mary Cassatt (03:58) An overview of Mary Cassatt's work. Music is Child of Mine by Carole King
Mary Cassatt (04:48) Mary Cassatt's favorite subjects became children and women with children in ordinary scenes. Her paintings express a deep tenderness and her own love for children. But she never had children of her own.
Olana State Historic Site [05:57 ] Transcript: Olana was the home and estate of 19th century Hudson River School artist Frederic Edwin Church. Now a New York State Historic Site and National Historic Landmark, Olana is situated high on a hill south of Hudson, NY. The 250 acre historic estate offers spectacular views of the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains and is one of the most popular cultural tourism destinations in the Hudson Valley. The Olana Partnership, a private not-for-profit organization, works cooperatively with New York State to support its restoration, development and improvement. Frederic Church first came to the Hudson Valley in 1844 to study with Thomas Cole, widely recognized as the founder of the Hudson River School. After two years under Coles tutelage in Catskill, Church launched what was to become an internationally successful career. After establishing a studio in New York City, Church was soon elected full member of the National Academy of Design. Shortly thereafter, Church made his first trip to South America, following German naturalist-explorer Alexander von Humbolts 1802 route from Columbia to Ecuador. Between 1857 and 1877, Church completed a few major paintings each year. Churchs collection at Olana contains sketches and studies for many of these great works. Amidst the success of Heart of the Andes in 1859, Church met Isabel Carnes, and in early 1860 the Boston Evening Transcript reported, Church has been successfully occupied by another Heart than that of the Andes. He and Isabel married later that same year, just three months after he purchased a 126 acre working farm south of Hudson on which to build their home. The couple moved into Cosy Cottage, designed by architect Richard Morris Hunt, in 1861. Although a working farm, expected to turn a profit, Church also wanted the property to be aesthetically pleasing. The farm consisted of orchards, vegetable gardens, fields of corn, hay, and rye and livestock. To this Church added thousands of trees. A swampy stream at the bottom of the hill was turned into a lake whose shoreline echoes a broadening of the Hudson River below. In 1867, Church was able to purchase an adjacent parcel of land atop the hill. The family, including one year old son Frederic Joseph, then left for an extended trip to Europe, Egypt, and parts of what is now Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Syria. During an extended period in Rome, where Church established a studio, the couple welcomed another son, Theodore Winthrop. Upon their return in 1870, Church hired Calvert Vaux as architect of a new house, but it was Churchs vision of a Persian design that guided the construction of the home. Church was also deeply involved in decorating the house at Olana, choosing furnishings and paintings, even mixing paint colors himself. Over the next two years, two more children were born, Louis Palmer and Isabel Charlotte, nicknamed Downie. In 1872 the family moved into the second story of the incomplete new home, but it would be four years before the elaborately stenciled main floor rooms were completed. The attention to detail apparent in Olanas intricate stencils extends to the development of the landscape, with a focus on building views both of it and from it. Church used the Hudson River and mountains in the distance as a background to a composition with carefully planned foreground and middle ground elements. In his final years, Church continued to travel regularly. Although he spent the bulk of his time at Olana, he wintered each year in Mexico, seeking relief from the New York cold that aggravated the symptoms of his arthritis. Isabel died in 1899, and in 1900 Church returned from Mexico for the last time and, too ill to make it back to his beloved Olana, died at the home of a friend in New York City. Olana State Historic Site is now owned and operated by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, Taconic Region and receives extensive support from The Olana Partnership. The main house is open to the public for guided tours. A visitor center offers a film and panel exhibit as well as a Museum Shop, operated by The Olana Partnership, offering books and many items inspired by the exotic locales of Churchs travels and paintings. The grounds are open year-round, 8am-sunset, for hiking, picnicking, snowshoeing or just enjoying the view.



1. Illustrated audio is the synchronizing of digital slide images with sound clips. These videos are not indexed in Videos Online, TFAO's comprehensive catalogue of online full motion videos including interviews with artists, scholars and others, plus other content focusing on American representational art, streamed free to viewers


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