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2015 edition


(above, E. Charlton Fortune, Monterey Bay, 1916, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 inches, Oakland Museum of California. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


Videos in DVD or VHS Format is a catalogue published by Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) since 2003. Each video focuses on representational art. Hundreds of videos listed in Videos in DVD or VHS Format were produced by dozens of sources.

Videos are cross-referenced in TFAO's catalogue Topics in American Art, which contains links to thousands of Resource Library articles and essays by topic. Each topic also contains links to other online texts from museums and other sources, online video and audio recordings, plus references to topical videos in DVD and VHS format, paper-printed books and articles.

Contents are valuable to educators designing course content, scholars, students and librarians conducting research, plus art lovers everywhere seeking greater understanding of American art. Enjoy!


How to identify videos

To locate videos by title, please use the above alphabetical listing. To locate videos by artist name, please click here. Locate videos by theme by browsing through Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)'s Topics in American Representational Art.


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Please click here for information on how to borrow or purchase copies of VHS videos and DVDs listed in this catalogue. TFAO does not maintain a lending library of videos or sell videos.


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This catalogue is 100% maintained by volunteers. They provide new content to existing pages on a continuous basis. Qualified volunteers are welcome to contribute suggestions for additional development of this catalogue.

TFAO also welcomes other volunteers to further the broadening of knowledge of American representational art. To learn more about other volunteer opportunities please click here.


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TFAO is pleased to give credit to volunteers for their time devoted to research.. TFAO provides credits on the page where new information is added. If you have a website, TFAO would be pleased to provide a link to it in your credit line.

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