The following essays were written by Francis M. Naumann and Gail Stavitsky for the illustrated catalogue Conversion to Modernism -- The Early Work of Man Ray, ISBN 0-8135-3147-0, which accompanied a same-named February 16 - August 3, 2003 exhibition at The Montclair Art Museum. The essays are reprinted with permission of the Montclair Art Museum and without illustrations. If you have questions or comments regarding the essays, or wish to purchase a copy of the catalogue, please contact the Montclair Art Museum directly through either this phone number or web address:



"Conversion to Modernism"

by Francis M. Naumann



Youth and First Artistic Impulses (1907-1911)



The Ferrer Center: Formulating the Aesthetics of Anarchism (1912)



Stieglitz, Ridgefield, and the Assimilation of a Modernist Aesthetic (1913: Part 1)



New Words for New Images: Adon Lacroix and the Modern Poetry Movement (1913: Part 2)



Approaching the Art of Painting in Two Dimensions: The Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors of 1914



The Art of Painting in Two Dimensions, Part I: The Paintings, Drawings, and Watercolors of 1915



The Art of Painting in Two Dimensions, Part 2 : The Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, and Collages of 1916



The Art of Painting in More than Two Dimensions: The Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors, Cliché Verre, and Airbrush Compositions of 1917-1919



From an Art in Two Dimensions to the Higher Dimension of Ideas (1920-1921)



AFTERWORD: "Artists and Art Colonies of Ridgefield, New Jersey"

by Gail Stavitsky




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