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(above:  Henrietta Shore, Study for Mural of Rock Breakers, Smithsonian American Art Museum. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


Resource Library and its predecessor have been publishing in-depth texts with an emphasis on American representational art online since the mid-1990s, posting thousands of informative and educational articles and essays covering numerous topics plus thousands of biographies of America's Distinguished Artists. Our big picture page explains why Resource Library's texts and images are of value to visitors of institutions, curators, educators, scholars, students and others.


Texts from nonprofit institutions


NOTE: Resource Library is not at this time seeking or accepting submission of materials from nonprofit institutions for online publication.

The following information is provided only to acquaint others with previous policy and procedures.

In the past, Resource Library has invited institutions to submit:

scholarly texts authored by individuals including new essays or previously published essays from brochures, catalogues and gallery guides, member magazine articles, other articles and blogs, plus descriptions of catalogs containing the scholarly texts available for purchase. An example is Horace Day in South Carolina, essay By Tal Day.
publicity, informational and educational materials such as news releases, checklists without images of artworks, wall panel texts, extended label texts and other texts for exhibitions. Not all of these materials are needed for an article, however each added type adds great value for persons seeking in-depth information. An example is O'Keeffe, Stettheimer, Torr, Zorach: Women Modernists in New York.

Resource Library seeks 650 words or more that may be published in html format about the topic of the submission -- excluding boilerplate text about the source.

Please send by e-mail texts for publication consideration, including scholarly texts authored by individuals, media releases, checklists without images of artworks, wall panel and label texts, member magazine articles, gallery guide texts and other texts. Either use Word [.doc or .docx] files or the "copy and paste" method in e-mail submissions. Use as many e-mails as you wish to send the texts.

Please do not send links to websites such as Dropbox, "zipped" or "stuffed" files, .pdf files of press releases and Excel [.xls] files. We accept .pdf files containing exhibit gallery guides, brochures or catalogues, illuistrated checklists, wall panels and object labels. For more about .pdf files please see submitting images.


Institutional information:

Accompanying submission of the above materials by an institutional source, Resource Library welcomes for publication information about the source's mission, history, collection features, scope of operations, street address, phone number and Web address. This institutional information is referred to as "boilerplate" text.
When Resource Library publishes an article or essay from a new institutional source relating to an exhibition, Resource Library joins together exhibition-specific text with boilerplate text. When Resource Library publishes subsequent articles and essays concerning an institution, editors create as an additional resource for readers: a separate sub-index page containing links to each article and essay concerning the institution, plus descriptive boilerplate text and image information concerning the institution. Readers are referred to the sub-index page for the institution at the end of each article. For examples of sub-index pages please see institution listings in the Museums index. Resource Library periodically updates each sub-index page so that readers of articles from past years can view up-to-date boilerplate information.


(above: Norman Rockwell Museum, Late Summer, 2013. Photo by John Hazeltine)


Texts from individuals and other sources


Resource Library welcomes copyright holders not associated with nonprofit organizations to submit for online publication:


Submission guidelines for texts from individuals:

Please follow the word count and transmittal guidelines for institutions.


Author biographies


Resource Library welcomes an institutional or private source of a scholarly text by a named author to submit a 100-150 word biography about the author when submitting the scholarly text. The biography enables readers to acquaint themselves with the author's credentials and recent scholarly work. Also, the biography helps readers gauge the depth and quality of the author's scholarship based on provided information. Resource Library inserts the author biography following the article or essay in a special section titled "About the author." Author biographies do not count towards the word count minimum about the topic of the scholarly text submission.

See Submitting images for information on submitting optional head and shoulders photos to accompany author biographies, including a sample of a biography and related photo.

Authors published in Resource Library are listed in Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO)'s Authors Index.


Other information


Neither Resource Library or TFAO charges readers for access to published materials. No payment is made to copyright owners or other third parties for materials published by Resource Library. All materials are published online on a permanent basis, subject to Resource Library's policy on errors and omissions. Please also see how Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications. Resource Library does not provide to its sources of texts and images paper-printed copies of articles and essays published online. Upon request Resource Library will send an e-mail to a source with directions to the online location of published materials. Resource Library does not accept advertising.

When sources submit materials for publication consideration, they must provide contact information for the benefit of readers. Contact information may include e-mail addresses, street addresses, post office box addresses, phone numbers and website URLs. Contact information is published online in the same location as each published article or essay. Resource Library advises readers to contact sources directly concerning questions about published materials and not to contact Resource Library.


Information about previously-published catalogues containing articles and essays:

When submitting a scholarly text by a named author, Resource Library welcomes the institutional or private source to submit 100-150 words regarding the catalogue in which the scholarly text was originally published. The information may contain instructions on how copies may be obtained if the catalogue is currently for sale. See Submitting images for information on submitting an optional thumbnail photo of the front cover of the catalogue accompanied by a credit line.


Copyright protection and use of submitted materials:

If you are submitting an article or an essay for online publication by a named writer, in an accompanying e-mail please indicate permission for Resource Library to publish online the article or essay. We will place your specific copyright notice at your request at the beginning and/or end of the article or essay. Permitted publishing or reprinting will be made only in Resource Library and will not be repurposed. For further information on the relationships between Resource Library, TFAO and third party copyright holders, please see the Acquisition and deselection of content section of the TFAO Free Online Digital Library.

Resource Library underscores to its readers their responsibility under US law to respect copyrights in its User Agreement. TFAO, the publisher of Resource Library, also covers copyright infringement along with plagiarism abuse in a General Resources page within a section on its web site titled Resources for Collectors, Life Long Learners, Students and Teachers of Art History.

Please submit materials to Resource Library for online publication consideration only if you (or your institutional employer if you are submitting on behalf of an institution) are copyright owner or have permissions from other copyright holders. Please email permissions from owners of essays at the time of your submission of them.

Please also see guidelines for Submitting images.


Send all materials to:

Before sending texts for publication you may also wish to read:


Copies of paper-printed books for review:

Resource Library welcomes museums and other publishers to send complimentary copies of brochures and catalogues for review. Please send an e-mail to us requesting the appropriate postal address. Catalogues and any other materials are not returned without use of SASE.


Request concerning general media mailing lists:

Resource Library receives e-mails on many topics other than exhibitions from institutional and other sources. Examples include publicity releases concerning staff appointments, awards, capital campaigns and building construction. This e-mail volume limits time available to focus on exhibition materials. Because of TFAO's method of learning about upcoming and current exhibits, we request that institutions please remove us from general media mailing lists.


Publication timing:

Resource Library usually publishes articles and essays within one month of receipt. For more information see how Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications.


Exhibitions not covered


For extensively covered artists and topics less additional information is sought. To determine the amount of information published by Resource Library on an individual historic artist please see Distinguished Artists and for topics the American Representational Art catalogue. Information on living artists may be retrieved through the search feature on Resource Library's home page. Please see the "relative breadth and depth of topic content" information for each topic and the acquisition and deselection of content page in the TFAO Free Online Digital Library section.

Besides disfavoring additional materials on artists and topics already extensively covered, Resource Library does not currently publish articles regarding:

Resource Library believes that appreciation of art is best achieved through viewing of original art works and encourages readers to view first-hand the art referenced in this publication. Resource Library further encourages readers to purchase from institutions and other channels of distribution referenced exhibition catalogues.

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About Resource Library:

Resource Library is a free online publication of nonprofit Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO). Since 1997, Resource Library and its predecessor Resource Library Magazine have cumulatively published online 1,300+ articles and essays written by hundreds of identified authors, thousands of other texts not attributable to named authors, plus 22,500+ images, all providing educational and informational content related to American representational art. Texts and related images are provided almost exclusively by nonprofit art museum, gallery and art center sources.

All published materials provide educational and informational content to students, scholars, teachers and others. Most published materials relate to exhibitions. Materials may include whole exhibition gallery guides, brochures or catalogues or texts from them, perviously published magazine or journal articles, wall panels and object labels, audio tour scripts, play scripts, interviews, blogs, checklists and news releases, plus related images.

What you won't find:

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