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Resource Library, an online publication of Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO), has published thousands of online articles containing publicity, informational and educational materials including texts and images from institutional sources. Most articles are based on exhibitions.

Articles concern American representational art. All are published without charge to readers. Resource Library is 100% non-commercial.

Resource Library strives to provide to its readers materials of informational and educational value that might not be otherwise be placed and preserved online. Sources and source documents are thoroughly identified and credited; links are provided to institutions' websites and phone numbers. Additional benefits to readers are listed at Scholarly texts by named authors and a page on other issues being addressed.

TFAO does not inject its own critique or opinions into Resource Library texts.

Please send to Resource Library materials for online publication where your institution is the copyright owner or there is permission from other copyright holders.

No payment is made to authors and/or other copyright owners for published materials. Choice of content is not influenced by gifts or sponsorships. Resource Library does not accept advertising. All texts and images are published online on a permanent basis, subject to Resource Library's policy on errors and omissions. Please also see how Resource Library differs from paper-printed art publications. Upon request Resource Library will send an email to a source with directions to the online location of published articles and essays. Resource Library does not provide to its sources of texts and images paper-printed copies of articles and essays published online.

Resource Library usually does not publish articles concerning student exhibitions or group exhibitions of artist organizations at museums or art centers. Resource Library selectively publishes publicity articles concerning exhibitions of artist organizations' individual members at museums or art centers. Artist organizations include cooperatives, clubs and other membership societies.


Unsolicited emails

TFAO, Resource Library's publisher, methodically requests from institutional sources news releases and other texts relating to exhibits of American representational art. TFAO keeps aware of selected sources' current and upcoming exhibits by reviewing their websites periodically. Because of TFAO's method of learning about upcoming and current exhibits, TFAO requests that sources please exclude from general media mailing lists. For more information on methodology of TFAO's request system please see National Calendar of Exhibitions.


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