On the Paintings of Bert Carpenter

by Hilton Kramer



About the Author

Hilton Kramer is currently the editor and publisher of The New Criterion, a monthly review, and the art critic for the weekly New York Observer. He also writes the "Critics Notebook" column for the monthly Art & Antiques. He was formerly the editor of Arts Magazine, art critic of The Nation, and the chief art critic of The New York Times. He is the author of two volumes of art criticism -- The Age of the Avant-Garde and The Revenge of the Philistines -- and is currently at work on Abstract Art: A Cultural History, to be published by the Yale University Press. A volume of his essays on non-art subjects -- The Twilight of the Intellectuals -- will be published by Ivan R.. Dee in March 1999. [1]


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The above essay was reprinted, without accompanying illustrations, in Resource Library on May 10, 2005 with the permission of the Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The Weatherspoon Art Museum is the sole copyright holder of the essay. This text is included in a 144 page illustrated catalogue titled Bert Carpenter, (ISBN 1-8090949-05-5), published in 1999 by the Weatherspoon Art Museum, to accompany the exhibition Bert Carpenter: A Retrospective held at the museum during 1999.

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1. biography of the author following the essay in the catalogue.

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