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"Besides the issue of is the art more or less realistic, more or less abstract, there are other issues: political, social, environmental, etc. Our artists, all artists, are human beings playing their social roles. So, yes we have some 'issue' statements also, but the point of show is not issues, it is 'Woman.'


Ruth Waldman


paper, plastic, wire


"For instance, artist Anne Coe has a decidedly feministic purpose. Her western themes, typically featuring hard-riding cowgirls, reverse stereotypes and remind the viewer that 'women played a vital role in the settling of the West and the romantic connotations associated with it.' But Californian batik artist Helen Carkin says she features no 'hidden messages. Great art should be more than a one-shot offering.' Artists like Helen have as their aim to create art combining good design and color that will give the viewer the same pleasant reward, satisfaction, with each viewing.

"Most of the work in 'Woman - the Artists' View' falls somewhere in between the highly symbolic and the decorative. Statements are made perhaps, but they are statements of beauty, of the mundane, of living and of dying, of roles and attitudes and emotions, and all have to do with feminine being."

Tim Tyler

Song of the Stream

oil on linen, 50 x 70


"Woman - the Artists' View" is an exhibition and sale of about 100 works of art by some 65 artists, both male and female, from all around the country. This is the third year ofthis increasingly popular annual show.


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