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Woman - the Artists' View


The art exhibited in the show, "Woman - the Artists' View", which runs through October 26th, 1997 at the Bennington Center for the Arts, is accessible. "That's the point of the show", states Nick Corbin, assistant gallery director, "Woman...' is a celebration of women and the female form. It's an aesthetic and accessible show, in fact we've made it even more accessible by having the artists include satements about their work, which viewers say they appreciate very much.

"The artists are from all around the country. Some are local, and quite familiar to local gallery goers - like Ann Froman, and Lily Szell and Jean Morse from the Capitol District; Sue Westin, Lynn St. Clair and Rob Mullen from the Manchester, Vt. area; and William Kieffer and Ann Feeley from New Hampshire. One nice thing about our show is viewers will get a rare chance to see some beautiful works by some very fine Western artists, such as Arizona's Larry Riley, Tom Lorimer and Howard Rogers, Vonnie Whitworth of California, winner of the Viewers' Choice award the past two years, and fellow Californians Vel Miller, Hal Sutherland, Howard Rogers and Stan Davis, and Tim Tyler from Oregon - artists who we in the East mainly only read about in fine arts magazines.

Right: Descend the Angels Evermore, to Guard Me, by Kenn Backhaus, oil on linen, 44 x 27 inches


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