Selected Usage Statistics for 2004 - 2022


Since 2008, we have only occasionally monitored website traffic. Up to that time* we believed that statistics were necessary to prove to volunteers that their contribution of time was meaningful and to sources that their cooperation was beneficial to them. Some additional data was collected from 2017-18 and 2021-22. During 2017-18, the month with the highest number of visits was April, 2018 at 142,084 and for page views, March at 894,284. In February 2021, an issue with TFAO's hosting service caused almost all days to be unrecorded. More recent data is shown below.


April 2022 - January 2023 stats


We changed our hosting provider in mid-April, 2022. New stats started then.


Top 25 sources of viewers in 2022


Source: FastComet


TFAO roughly likens its website sessions and visits counts to a count of individuals that walk in and out of a brick and mortar public free library over a set period of time.



*Summary for:

April, 2008 as PNG file. There were 464,272 visits from 398,317 sites.
October, 2007 as PNG file. There were 424,522 visits from 364,380 sites.
July, 2007 as PNG file. In July there were 495,337 visits from 268,104 sites.
January, 2007 as PNG file. There were 390,836 visits from 288,460 sites.
October, 2006 as PNG file. There were 393,825 visits from 284,960 sites.
Week of Oct 2nd, 2005 as PDF file
Week of Mar 27th, 2005 as PDF file
Week of Oct 31st, 2004 as PDF file

Usage reports for 2004-2005 were provided by Live Stats, a service of DeepMetrix Corporation. The 2006 and later statistics were compiled by Webalizer. See the Webalizer Quick Help page for explanations of main headings on the TFAO PNG file charts and common definitions. Since April, 2022 stats were provided by Fast Comet.

Accurately measuring individual human visitors to's web site is complicated by instances where more than one person uses a browser while a session is in progress. Also, traffic to, kept live to preserve bookmarks set prior to the initiation of, may not be fully included in statistics after 2004.


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