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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

David Bumbeck: Figures of the Imagination (12/21/01)

Regions of Light: Paintings, Prints & Drawings by Peter Sculthorpe; essay by Robert L. Kurtz (12/13/01)

William Thon: A Retrospective (12/7/01)

True Visions: The Paintings of C. Arnold Slade (1882-1961); essay by Julie Carlson Eldred (12/5/01)

Restructured Reality: The 1930s Paintings of Francis Criss (11/15/01)

Drawings by Kojo Griffin (11/14/01)

William A. Smith (1918-1989); biography by David Leopold (11/13/01)

N.C. Wyeth in Maine (11/12/01)

On Great Bay: Paintings by Christopher Cook and Arthur DiMambro, with essays by Charles Simic and Theodore Weesner (10/31/01)

Eugene Higgins, 1874-1958: Artist of Honor; essay by Vincenza Uccello (10/31/01)

Tom Ritchie (10/30/01)

Dox Thrash: An African American Master Printmaker Rediscovered (10/29/01)

McKendree Robbins Long: Picture Painter of the Apocalypse (10/29/01)

Bucks County Landscape Paintings Acquired by Michener Art Museum (10/25/01)

Enigmatic Intimacy: The Interior World of John Koch, essay by Grady Turner (10/24/01)

Louis M. Eilshemius (1864 - 1941): An Independent Spirit (10/23/01)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N.C. and James Wyeth; by Lauren Raye Smith (10/4/01)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N. C. Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth / Foreword; by David Michaelis (10/4/01)

My Family, My Life, My Art; essay by Dahlov Ipcar (10/3/01)

To Be Modern: The Origins of Marguerite and William Zorach's Creative Partnership, 1911-1922; essay by Jessica Nicoll (10/3/01)

Morgan Russell - The Early Years, 1886-1906; essay segment by Marilyn S. Kushner (9/21/01)

Betty Harrington Macdonald, essay by Jann Haynes Gilmore (9/20/01)

Penelope Harris, essay by Bill Scott (9/13/01)

Theodore Tihansky: Diary of an Artist (9/1/01)

Harmonies and Contrasts: The Art of Marguerite and William Zorach (8/16/01)

Dahlov Ipcar: Seven Decades of Creativity (8/16/01)

Will Barnet and Native American Art, essay by Twig Johnson (8/9/01)

John Whalley, American Realist; "John Whalley, An American Realist: His Paintings, Watercolors, and Graphite Drawings," essay excerpt by S. William Pelletier (8/8/01)

Pennsylvania Painters and the Roots of Realism, essay by Judith Hansen O'Toole (8/2/01)

A Matter of Style: Artistic Influences and Directions in 20th-Century Pennsylvania Painting, essay by Michael A. Tomor (8/2/01)

James Britton: Sag Harbor in the 1920's (7/31/01)

Old New York and Artists of the Period: 1900-1941; essays by Constance Schwartz and Franklin Hill Perrell (7/19/01)

Red Grooms: Selections from the Graphic Work; essays by Susan W. Knowles (7/15/01)

One Nation: Patriots and Pirates Portrayed by N.C. Wyeth and James Wyeth (7/6/01)

Harvey Dunn: Illustrator, Teacher, Painter: Selections from the Kelly Collection of American Illustration (6/26/01)

To Paris and Back: Albert Jean Adolphé -- An Artist's Journey, text by Pamela Potter-Hennessey (6/24/01)

Arthur B. Davies: Dweller on the Threshold (6/22/01)

George Weymouth: Landscapes and Portraits of Brandywine (6/14/01)

John Koch: Painting a New York Life (6/11/01)

To Be Real, by Richard J. Powell (6/8/01)

A Personal Reflection on The Barkley L. Hendricks Experience - As I See It, by Floyd R. Thomas, Jr. 96/8/01)

Contemporary Realism: Bettie and Samuel Roberts (6/2/01)

Simple Pleasures: The Art of Martha Cahoon (6/1/01)

Long Island: Morning, Noon & Night (5/21/01)

Richard Meryman: For the Love of Painting (5/15/01)

Paul Strisik, N.A. 1918-1998 (5/8/01)

Three Generations of Wyeths Featured in Spring, 2001 Farnsworth Art Museum Exhibitions (4/24/01)

David Brega and Douglas Brega: Oil and Water (4/12/01)

Robert Frost and J J. Lankes: A Shared Vision of America (4/11/01)

Joseph Thurman Pearson, Jr., A Painter in the Grand Manner (4/10/01)

Solowey Unseen: Works by Ben Solowey from the Collection (4/9/01)

Artists of the Commonwealth: Realism in Pennsylvania Painting, 1950-2000 (3/30/01)

A Taste of Provincetown: Works From the Collection of Napi Van Dereck (3/23/01)

The Gift of Sympathy: The Art of Maxo Vanka (3/16/01)

Zelda: By Herself - The Art of Zelda Fitzgerald (3/15/01)

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Acquires Artworks by African-American Artists (2/21/01)

Art for the Great Estates: The Bruce Museum's First Decade (2/21/01)

Painter's Paradise: A Land Distinctly Lyme (1/12/01)


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