Morris Museum of Art

(above: Entrance to Morris Museum of Art. Photo: © 2017, John Hazeltine)

Augusta, GA



Dark Corners: The Appalachian Murder Ballads: Paintings by Julyan Davis (2/27/14)

Office: Sculpture by Bob Trotman (5/14/12)

Preservation of Place: The Art of Edward Rice (9/1/11)

Preservation of Place: The Art of Edward Rice; essay by David Houston (9/1/11)

Preservation of Place: The Art of Edward Rice; essay by Martha R. Severens (9/1/11)

Philip Juras: The Southern Frontier Landscapes Inspired by Bartram's Travels (6/3/11)

Helen M. Turner: The Woman's Point of View (11/18/10)

Deep Sea: Drawings by William O. Golding (12/10/09)

Response and Memory: The Art of Beverly Buchanan (11/10/09)

William Christenberry: Photographs, 1961-2005 (6/22/09)

Nashville Portraits: Photographs by Jim McGuire (1/12/09)


J.C. Leyendecker: America's "Other"Illustrator (11/11/08)

It's a Dog's Life: Photographs by William Wegman from the Polaroid Collection (10/9/08)

Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art (6/19/08)

Realist Paintings by Bryan LeBoeuf; essay by Jay Williams (6/19/08)

Notes on the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries: Paintings by Jeffrey Kronsnoble; essay by Jay Williams (5/13/08)

Notes on the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries: Paintings by Jeffrey Kronsnoble (5/12/08)

A. Aubrey Bodine: Baltimore Pictorialist; text by Jennifer B. Bodine (4/30/08)

Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats along the Way: A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by John Baeder (12/14/07)

Beyond This World: Paintings by Lorenzo Scott; with essay by Karen Towers Klacsmann (7/26/07)

Abbot, Audubon, Catesby, and Wilson: Naturalists in the South (6/30/07)

William Dunlap's Old Tricks and New Dogs; essay by Jay Williams (4/14/06)


Collected Additions: The Morris Museum and Painting in the South; essay by Estill Curtis Pennington (8/19/04)

Point of View: American Folk Art From the William and Ann Oppenhimer Collection (6/30/04)

Baby-Boom Daydreams: The Art of Douglas Bourgeois (12/29/03)

Richard Jolley: Sculptor of Glass (12/29/03)

The Low Country: Paintings by Preston Russell (11/20/03)

Western Perspectives: Wilson Hurley and George Carlson (5/16/01)


Myth, Memory, and Imagination, Photographs from the Collection of Julia J. Norrell (11/14/00)

The Sporting View: American Sporting Art from the Collection of Robert B. Mayo (10/8/00)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School (3/7/00)

Philip Morsberger: Paintings and Drawings from the Sixties (1/22/00)

Subdued Hues: Mood and Scene in Southern Landscape Painting, 1865-1925 (11/6/99)

The Charleston Renaissance (9/8/99)

Robert Stackhouse: Major Works 1969-1999 (6/5/99)

Morris Museum of Art Presents Exhibitions of Art of Wolf Kahn and Robert Gwathmey (2/20/99)

Southern Women Artists (7/97)


The Morris Museum of Art, located on the Riverwalk in downtown Augusta, is home to a broad-based survey collection of Southern art. As a museum dedicated to exhibiting and exploring the art and artists of the South, the Morris is preserving and enhancing a cultural legacy.

The Morris Museum of Art was founded in 1985 and opened to the public in 1992. It is the oldest museum in the country that is devoted to the art and artists of the American South. The museum's permanent collection holds approximately five thousand works of art that date from the late-eighteenth century to the present.

The museum is housed in the Augusta Riverfront Center, a unique adaptation of office space to a museum setting. From the main entrance atop the Riverwalk, visitors enter an elegant lobby of classic design, and then proceed through a series of galleries showcasing an extensive collection of Southern art. The Museum's address is One 10th St., Augusta, GA 30901. Please see the Museum's website for hours and admission fees.

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