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Painting Partners

June 25 through September 19, 1998



For summer, 1998, The Irvine Museum will display an interesting selection of California paintings that examines the close relationships that exists among artists. These relationships may be direct, as in husband and wife teams such as Edgar Payne (1883-1947) and Elsie Palmer Payne (1884-1971), Elmer Wachtel (1864-1929) and Marion Kavanagh Wachtel (1876-1954), or Edouard Vysekal (1890-1939) and Luvena Buchanan Vysekal (1873-1954). Other relationships reflect parent and child, such as Elanor Colburn(1866-1939) and her daughter Ruth Peabody (1898-1966). The greatest relationships, however, are those between close friends. Among the many pairings of painting partners are Hanson Puthuff (1875-1972) and Sam Hyde Harris (1889-1977), who were lifelong friends and frequently accompanied each other on painting trips. Likewise, the bond between Guy Rose (1867-1925) and John Frost (1890-1937) has often been compared to that of uncle and nephew.

Above left: Long Lake, Sierra Nevada, Marion Wachtel, oil on canvas, 20 x 26 inches; Right: Convict Lake, Elmer Waxhtel, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches.

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