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Resource Library articles and essays honoring the American experience through its art:

"The Outsiders" -- Modernism in California, 1920-1940; essay by Jean Stern (7/11/09)

The Irvine Museum in Perspective; essay by Jean Stern, from the book "A California Woman's Story" (8/22/08)

Abundance of Color: California Flowers in Art (8/22/08)

Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art (10/4/07)

Passionate Visions: Paintings by Botke, DeRome, Rider & Wendt (5/22/07)

Peaceful Awakening: Spring in California (1/18/07)

Majestic California: Prominent Artists of the Early 1900's (9/28/06)

Winds of Change: Progressive Artists, 1915-1935 (3/30/06)

The California Missions in Art: 1890 to 1930; essay by Jean Stern (2/21/05)

Water, Land and Sky: Rediscovering Albert Thomas DeRome (2/21/05)

The California Missions in Art - 1786 to 1890; essay by Norman Neuerburg (2/18/05)

Art in California: 1880 to 1930; essay by Jean Stern (2/16/05)

Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art (8/27/04)

A Woman's Touch: Selected Women Artists in California (4/14/04)

Landscape Painters of Northern California 1870-1930; essay by Harvey L. Jones, from the catalogue "Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1950" (2/16/04)

Landscape of Light: Impressionism in California; essay by Jean Stern, from the catalogue "Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1950" (12/26/03)

California's Native Grandeur: Preserving Vanishing Landscapes (12/22/03)

Impressionist Style in Perspective; essay by Jean Stern, from the catalogue "California Impressionists" (11/4/03)

The Land of Sunshine; essay by William H. Gerdts, from the catalogue "Masters of Light: Plein-Air Painting in California 1890-1930" (10/8/03)

Masters of Light, essay by Jean Stern; from the catalogue "Masters of Light: Plein-Air Painting in California 1890-1930" (10/3/03)

Masters of Light (6/25/03)

Well of Gold and Other Paintings of Summer in California (5/5/03)

Spring in California (2/4/03)

The Vanishing Landscape (9/18/02)

Moods of California (2/8/02)

California, This Golden Land of Promise: The History of California Through Art (11/12/01)

Southern California Masters of Landscape: Payne, Redmond and Wendt

A Woman's View: Paintings by Women Artists (12/6/00)

Along El Camino Real: The California Missions in Art (8/24/00)

Kaleidoscope (5/15/00)

Nature's Harmony (3/4/00)

All Things Bright and Beautiful (9/18/99)

Painted Light: California Impressionist Paintings: The Gardena High School/Los Angeles Unified School District Collection (4/8/99)

The Irvine Museum Receives Gift of Arthur Beaumont Paintings (2/25/99)

Of Springtimes Past (12/12/98)

Spacious Skies (9/2/98)

Painting Partners (6/14/98)


The UCI Institute and Museum of California Art is located at 18881 Von Karman Avenue, Ground Floor, in Irvine, California. Hours of operation are available on the museum's webiste. The museum publishes The Monthly Muse on its website, an informative newsletter with articles on artists, exhibitions and other subjects of interest.

Orange County, California is blessed with three museums dedicated to California art. The Hilbert Museum of California Art, in the City of Orange, and Mission San Juan Capistrano, Landmark, Chapel, Museum and Gardens, in the City of San Juan Capistrano, are connected by a 35 minute train ride between Metrolink stations. Both museums are within a one block walking distance from their respective stations. By auto, they are 1/2 hour apart. The UCI Institute and Museum of California Art, in the City of Irvine, is available by auto 15 minutes from the Hilbert Museum and 20 minutes from Mission San Juan Capistrano.

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All Things Bright & Beautiful: California Impressionist Paintings from the ..., by William H. Gerdts, Irvine Museum - 1998 - 204 pages. Catalog of an exhibition to be held at The Irvine Museum and four other museums between May 6, 1998 and Jan. 22, 2000.

Romance of the Bells: The California Missions in Art, by Jean Stern, Mission San Juan Capistrano, Irvine Museum - 1995 - 128 pages. Google Books says: "This book was published on the occasion of a joint exhibition at the Mission San Juan Capistrano and the Irvine Museum, 17 June-14 October, 1995"

Selections from the Irvine Museum, by Jean Stern, Janet B. Dominik, Harvey L. Jones - 1992. Google Books says: "Exhibition itinerary: the Fleischer Museum, Scottsdale, Arizona, 1 March 1993-31 May 1993; the Irvine Museum, Irvine, California, 10 July 1993-11...

Masters of Light: Plein-air Painting in California, 1890-1930, by Jean Stern, William H. Gerdts, Irvine Museum

Impressions of California: Early Currents in Art 1850-1930, by Jean Stern,Harvey Jones, Nancy Moure, Susan Anderson, Bolton Colburn, Martin Petersen - 1996 - 200 pages. Google Books says: "Educational materials to accompany the program on videocassette, which provides 'an overview of art in the Golden State, Impressions of California surveys..."

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