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Pasadena, CA

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Pasadena, CA



Theodore Lukits: An American Orientalist

Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena presents an exhibition celebrating the life and career of one of California'e most accomplished plein air-and portrait painters. "Theodore Lukits: An American Orientalist" features the work of one of the most versatile painters in California art history. Theodore N. Lukits (1897-1992) is primarily known for his plein air landscapes and portraits of Hollywood luminaries, but early in his career he was captivated by the Orient, and created many Orientalist; still life and portrait paintings. Later Lukits turned his attention to the Callfornia landscape and was known as an outspoken champion of fine painting founded on the rlgorous study of nature and past art.

"Theodore Lukits: An American Orientalist" opens October 17, 1998 and continues through November 29, 1998. The exhibition is curated by artist and California Art Club president Peter Adams and Los Angeles art dealer Jeffrey Morseburg. "There is much that couid be said about Theodore Lukits. He always has been original, talented, hard-working and dynamic," says Adams who studied painting under Lukits. "Those who have known him well have loved him as much for his wit and laughter as they have for his genius." Lukits trained several now active and well-known California painters at his Lukits Academy of Fine Arts in Los Angeles.

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Pacific Asia Museum, established in 1971, is located at; 46 North Los Robles Avenue, one half block north of Colorado Boulevard in downtown Pasadena.

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