Hudson River Museum

Yonkers, New York



Making Waves: Sculpture by Sarah Haviland


Curl, 1991, bronze, collection of the artist

Making Waves: Sculpture by Sarah Haviland is on view from Oct 16, 1998 through Jan 10, 1999 at The Hudson River Museum in Yonkers NY. The exhibition is part of the Palisades Series which features contemporary regional artists and is sponsored by U.S. Trust Company of New York. Haviland's exhibit consists of seven life-sized semi-abstract female figures in various poses or acts of movement. Works such as Bentwoman, Curved Ancestor and Arbor Vitae are made of steel, concrete, or styrofoam into fluid constructions which appear almost wavelike in their simplicity. The work Curl shows a figure in a traditional yoga position with her legs over her head and toes gently touching the ground.

A Peekskill NY resident, Haviland began her artistic career as a painter, and began sculpting after visiting Italy and becoming enraptured with the architecture and physical space. Her figures draw upon a cross-cultural legacy of images of women from ancient to contemporary times. Haviland invites viewers to meditate on the female figure as a means of self-reflection, vanity, objectification or feminine power. The artist also explores opposing issues of a woman's ambivalence to her own image.

Each work begins with the female form in a gesture or pose that evokes personal, cultural or mythic associations. Through sketches and maquette studies, the form becomes simplified to almost geometric clarity. As "skeptical heroines," Haviland's sculptures acknowledge contradictions, combining strength and sublety, movement and stability.

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