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Resource Library articles and essays honoring the American experience through its art:

Strut: The Peacock and Beauty in Art (12/6/14)

Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York's Rivers, 1900-1940 (4/9/14)

Westchester Women & War: Portraits (7/14/12)

Rembert's Rhythm: Pursuing Memory through Pattern and Repetition; essay by Bartholomew F. Bland (2/15/12)

Paintbox Leaves: Autumnal Inspiration from Cole to Wyeth (11/16/10)


The Book of Nature: American Painters and the Natural Sublime; essay by Francis Murphy (1/8/09)

Andrew Stevovich: The Truth about Lola; essay by Bartholomew F. Bland (10/10/08)

Whitfield Lovell: All Things in Time; essay by Bartholomew F. Bland (10/2/08)

The Victorian Household: Stronghold, Sanctuary, or Straightjacket?; essay by Jan Seidler Ramirez (7/24/08)

Anna Richards Brewster, American Impressionist; article by Laura Vookles (7/17/08)

Domestic Bliss: Family Life in American Painting: 1840-1910; essay by Lee M. Edwards (7/16/08)

Living with Landscapes: Paintings from Private Collections (10/25/01)

Americans Outdoors: Seasonal Prints by Winslow Homer (with selected wall text) (7/5/01)

A River Journey: Paintings of the Hudson by Don Nice (9/24/00)

Capture the Wind: Racing Yachts & Westchester (8/14/00)

Fun City: Celebrating the Life of Ralph Fasanella (5/21/00)

Open Air Sketching: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Drawings in the Albany Institute of History and Art (5/9/00)

A Community Collects: The Bronxville Public Library (2/7/00)


Singular Voices/Voices of Many: Photographs from the Sixties by James Hinton (12/31/99)

Art and Nature: The Hudson River School (10/14/99)

"Animal Artifice" On View At The Hudson River Museum (9/20/99)

Red Grooms, "The Bookstore" and The Late Seventies (6/10/99)

Flights of Fancy: Paintings by Hunt Slonem (5/27/99)

Second Donation by Joyce and Leonard Greene to Hudson River Museum Glenview Campaign (3/2/99)

Wind, Water, Fire: Natural Elements in American Art, 1820-1900 (12/31/98)

Family Ties: Needlework by Denise Allen (12/8/98)

Drip, Blow, Burn: Forces of Nature in Contemporary Art (12/8/98)

The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge (10/22/98)

Getting From Here To There (10/18/98)

Figuratively Speaking: Paintings by Katherine Hu Fan (9/15/98)

Making Waves: Sculpture by Sarah Haviland (9/15/98)

Stone and Steel: Bridges by Bascove (9/15/98)

Where Land Meets River (9/2/98)



The largest cultural institution in Westchester County, the Hudson River Museum is a multi-disciplinary complex that draws its identity from its site on the banks of the Hudson River, and seeks to broaden the cultural horizons of all its visitors. It engages in the presentation of exhibitions, programs, teaching initiatives, research, collection, preservation, and conservation -- a wide range of activities that interpret its collections, interests and communities. (left: Photo: Quesada/Burke)

Founded in 1919, The Hudson River Museum imaginatively interweaves themes of 19th and 20th-century American art, history and science in changing programs and exhibitions. Overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades in northwest Yonkers, the Museum actively reaches out to broaden the cultural horizons of its visitors with a special emphasis on families. The Museum celebrates the artistic legacy and cultural diversity of the Lower Hudson River Valley using an impressive collections of paintings (including Hudson River landscapes), sculpture, decorative arts, costumes and photographs.

Hudson River Museum is a cultural complex of modern Galleries, the National Register Site Glenview Mansion (1876), the Joyce Greene Education Center and Westchester County's only public planetarium, The Andrus Planetarium with its state-of-the-art Zeiss M1015 Star Projector.

Complementing any visit is a stop in The Red Grooms Gift Shop. Commissioned by the Museum and constructed in 1979 by Pop Artist Red Grooms, this whimsical display bursting with color and imaginative details is both art installation and gift shop.

(right: Glenview Mansion, 1878, Front Facade, Photo: Frederick Charles; lower right: Dining Room, Glenview Mansion, Photo: Quesada/Burke; left: The Red Grooms Gift Shop, Photo: Quesada/Burke. Please click on images to enlarge them.


The Hudson River Museum is located at 511 Warburton Ave in Yonkers NY. See museum's website for hours and fees.


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Andrew Stevovich: The Truth about Lola, By Bartholomew F. Bland. Published 2008 - 100 pages

Red Grooms: In the Studio and the Bookstore, By Bartholomew Bland. Published 2008. The Hudson River Museum. Art / General. 32 pages. ISBN:0943651360

Whitfield Lovell: All Things in Time, By Bartholomew F. Bland. Published 2008 - 52 pages

I WANT Candy: The Sweet Stuff in American Art, By Bartholomew F. Bland. Contributor Michael Botwinick. Published 2007. The Hudson River Museum. Art / General. 50 pages. ISBN:0943651344

Pattern and decoration: an ideal vision in American art, 1975-1985, By Anne Swartz, Published 2007 - 120 pages

Got Cow? Cattle in American Art, 1920-2000, 1920-2000:, By Bartholomew F. Bland, Hudson River Museum. Published 2006. The Hudson River Museum. Art / General. 50 pages. ISBN:0943651328. Published in conjunction with an exhibition held at the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, N.Y., June 24-Sept. 10, 2006. (right: front cover, Got Cow? Cattle in American Art, 1920-2000:)


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Winfred Rembert: Amazing Grace. Hudson River Museum, 2012 - 117 pages Rembert's Rhythm: Pursuing Memory through Pattern and Repetition; essay by Bartholomew F. Bland (2/15/12)

Dreamscape: Five Animated Sculptures by Gregory Barsamian, by Gregory Barsamian, Ellen J. Keiter, Jean-Paul Maitinsky, Hudson River Museum, Hudson River Museum - 2001 - 18 pages

Natural Selections: Landscapes from the Collection (1996). Hudson River Museum - 1996. Exhibition checklist.

Westchester Landscapes: Pastoral Visions, 1840-1920 : February 5-June 13, 1993, by Kenneth W. Maddox - 1993. Essay by Kenneth W. Maddox, guest curator.

John LA Farge, Watercolors and Drawings, by James L. Yarnall, John La Farge, Hudson River Museum, Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Terra Museum of American Art - 1990. Catalog to accompany an exhibition held at the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, N.Y., Oct. 28, 1990-Jan. 6, 1991, the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, N.Y...

The Artists of Bronxville, 1890-1930: The Hudson River Museum, October 22 ..., by Barbara B. Buff, Hudson River Museum - 1989 - 28 pages. Exhibition catalog.

The World is Round: Contemporary Panoramas, by Marcia Clark, Hudson River Museum - 1987 - 64 pages. Published to accompany the exhibition at the Hudson River Museum, December 11, 1988-February 26, 1989, and on preceding tours. Snippet view

The Graphic Art of Harold Faye, by Harold Knickerbocker Faye, Hudson River Museum - 1987. "Published to accompany an exhibition at: The Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, New York, 26 July through 18 October, 1987 [and] Memorial Art Gallery of the...

"Never at Fault": The Drawings of William Trost Richards, by Linda S. Ferber, William Trost Richards, Hudson River Museum - Art - 1986 - 128 pages. "Published to accompany an exhibition at The Hudson River Museum, 2 February through 4 May 1986."--T.p.

Domestic Bliss: Family Life in American Painting, 1840-1910 : [exhibition ..., by Lee M Edwards, Jan Seidler Ramirez, Timothy Anglin Burgard, Hudson River Museum - 1986. Exhibition held at the Hudson River Museum, May 18-July 14, 1986, and the Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum, Rochester, N.Y., Aug. 17-Nov. 30, 1986. The Victorian Household: Stronghold, Sanctuary, or Straightjacket?; essay by Jan Seidler Ramirez (7/24/08)

Hiram Powers' Paradise Lost, by Hiram Powers, Hudson River Museum - 1985 - 32 pages. "Published to coincide with the exhibition [held at the Hudson River Museum] 19 November, 1985 through 24 January, 1986."

A Dancer in Relief: Works by Malvina Hoffman : an Exhibition at the Hudson ..., by Janis C. Conner -1984. Worldwide Books no. 50937.

To Embrace the Universe: Drawings by Frederic Edwin Church, by Elaine Evans Dee, Hudson River Museum - 1984

New Vistas: Contemporary American Landscapes : an Exhibition at the Hudson ..., by Janice C. Oresman, Hudson River Museum - 1984 - 55 pages. Includes index.

Asher B. Durand, an Engraver's and a Farmer's Art: An Exhibition at The ..., by Asher Brown Durand, James Thomas Flexner, Barbara Gallati, Hudson River Museum - 1983. Introduction by James Thomas Flexner; Catalogue of the exhibition by Barbara Gallati.

The Book of Nature: American Painters and the Natural Sublime, by Francis Murphy - Art - 1983 - 112 pages. Exhibition catalogue. The Book of Nature: American Painters and the Natural Sublime; essay by Francis Murphy (1/8/09) and Domestic Bliss: Family Life in American Painting: 1840-1910; essay by Lee M. Edwards (7/16/08)

J. Francis Murphy, the Landscape Within, 1853-1921, by Francis Murphy, John Francis Murphy, Hudson River Museum - 1982 - 31 pages. Exhibition at the Hudson River Museum, Yonkers, N.Y., Apr. 29-July 4, 1982 and the New York State Museum of the State Education Dept.

To Walk with Nature: The Drawings of Thomas Cole : an Exhibition, by Howard S. Merritt, Thomas Cole, Hudson River Museum - 1981 - 64 pages

Peter Berg: July 19 - August 31, 1980, the Hudson River Museum, Trevor Park ..., by Peter Berg, Hudson River Museum - 1980 - 16 pages. Exhibition catalog.


... Drawn Along the Shores, 1959-1976: Exhibition The Hudson River Museum ..., by Dan Flavin, Hudson River Museum, Laguna Gloria Art Museum - 1979

An Unprejudiced Eye: The Drawings of Jasper F. Cropsey, by Kenneth W. Maddox, Hudson River Museum -1979 - 72 pages

SCULPTURE OF ISIDORE KONTI 1862-1938, by Mary Jean Smith Madigan, Hudson River Museum - 1975 - 116 pages. Exhibition held January 26-March 30, 1975.

The Works of James Renwick Brevoort, 1832-1918, American Landscape Painter ..., by Sutherland McColley, Hudson River Museum - 1972 - 67 pages. Includes chronology.

Sky, Sand, and Spirits: Navajo and Pueblo Indian Art and Culture, by Seymour H. Koenig, Hudson River Museum - 1972 - 90 pages. Exhibition held Jan. 9-Mar. 5, 1972, at the Hudson River Museum.

Painters of the United States, 1720 to 1920: From the Permanent Collection ..., Hudson River Museum - 1956. Catalog of an exhibition held Jan. 8-31, 1956.

Aston Knight: A Retrospective Exhibition of Landscape Paintings, Hudson River Museum - 1955. Catalog of an exhibition held Jan. 30-Mar. 31, 1955.

A Loan Exhibition of Painting: Hudson River School, 1815-1865, Hudson River Museum - Hudson River school of landscape painting - 1954. Catalog of an exhibition held June 20-Sept. 12, 1954.

Exhibition of Sea Paintings by Frederick J. Waugh, N.A., 1861-1940, Hudson River Museum - 1952. Catalog of an exhibition held Jan.-Feb., 1952.

William Hahn: Painter of the American Scene, by H. Armour Smith, Hudson River Museum - 1942 - 11 pages. Text signed: H. Armour Smith, Director.

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