University of New Hampshire Art Gallery

Durham, NH





The Art Gallery at the University of New Hampshire opens this fall with two new exhibitions - one showcases faculty talent, the other features partners in art. "The 1999 Art Faculty Review" and "Together/Working" both will be on view through October 10, 1999. The exhibitions and all related events are free and open to the public. (left: Don Eddy, Harmonica Mundi II, 1996, acrylic on canvas, 60 x 62 inches)

The work of 30 artists in "Together/Working" reveals the shared goals and lives of contemporary artists who are couples. The exhibition also examines how the artists maintain autonomy in a field that sometimes inaccurately labels the relationship as that of mentor/student.

According to exhibition curator Judith Swirsky, the artists in this exhibition demonstrate a consistent level of quality in their own work, separate from their partner's. In fact, most of the couples represented work in different media. For example, Max Kozloff, an art critic and photographer, is married to Joyce Kozloff, an artist who is best known for her projects using ceramic tile. One of the perks of being partners in art, Swirsky says, is that one can draw upon the other's inspiration and passion for creativity in any medium.

Although the show also includes examples of artist couples who work in a similar style or medium, viewers are able to spot individual traits. Richard Kalina and Valerie Jaudon both work in abstraction, and Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason both paint with oil, but their art remains distinct.

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