Museum of Northwest Art


Photo: © 2004 John Hazeltine


La Conner, WA



The Grand View: Bierstadt to Brophy (1/15/04)

Work of Gwen Knight and Martin Blank featured at Museum of Northwest Art (9/26/03)

Johanna Nitzke Marquis and Richard Marquis: A Commentary on Nature and the Indy 500 (1/3/03)

Alfredo Arreguin: Patterns of Dreams and Nature (1/8/03)

Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art (2/1/02)

Heads Up (9/23/00)

Celebrating the Mysteries: A Retrospective of Paintings by Leo Kenney (5/19/00)

La Conner -- Self Contained (2/22/00)

The View From Here (11/10/99)

Force in Form: Bronze Sculpture by James Lee Hansen (9/9/99)


MoNA is located at 121 South First Street, LaConner, WA. Please see the museum's website for hours and fees.

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