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Impressionism in Print: Etching and Lithography by Childe Hassam


Childe IIassam, The Service Flag, 1918, lithograph, 20 x 16 inches. Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester. Gift of Maude Hassam


The Columbus Museum is pleased to present Impressionism in Print: Etching and Lithography by Childe Hassam on view February 7, through April 25, 1999. Impressionism in Print is the first of two Impressionism exhibitions that will be on display this Spring at the Museum. This exhibition was organized and circulated by the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester. Local presentation is made possible by support from the Mary Louise Duffee Philips Fund.

Brigitte Foley, assistant curator, states, "Viewing works on paper always provides an interesting contrast to other art objects such as paintings and sculpture. In this exhibition, Hassam's etchings and lithographs successfully explore the color and light of Impressionism even though the prints themselves exist only in black and white."

Impressionism in Print includes 20 prints by Childe Hassam from the Memorial Art Gallery at the University of Rochester and one additional etching from the permanent collection of the Columbus Museum. Hassam (1859-1935) was the American artist most closely associated with French Impressionist style, but he did not venture into the art of printmaking until the age of 56. He had the helpful background experience of working as an apprentice to a wood engraver and as an illustrator in his younger days. His mastery of the graphic arts is evident in this exhibition, and the prints reflect his remarkable ability to capture sunlight, atmosphere, and the color of the Impressionist style in black and white.

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