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Summer Views


The Allentown Art Museum announces Summer Views, an exhibition celebrating the warmth of summer as seen in works of art from the Museum's permanent collection. All except two of the 18 paintings included have been brought out of the Museum's vaults, some to be viewed for the first time! Enjoy the season of fun by exploring images of diverse landscapes, family outings, boating, favorite summer foods, and old-fashioned pastimes. Summer Views will be on display in the Max Hess Junior Gallery through August 22, 1999.

Included in the exhibition are several wonderful landscapes. Walk through lush fields of green and view beautiful flowers through Landscape with Two Figures (1940) by Howard Chandler Christie and Flowers (undated) by Morris Katz. Take a drive down a winding country road in Clearing (1970) by Robert Dash. Enjoy the shade of the trees in Clarence Holbrook Carter's Birch Grove (1955), or have fun in the park with Edith Neff's Jugglers (1980).

Dana Van Horn's The Paper Carrier (1985) depicts a papergirl "hanging out" on the stoop with her friend, a typical summer urban scene. Lucius Wolcott Hitchcock focuses on children playing an old-fashioned summertime game in Mumblety-peg (1890). Favorite summer foods come to mind with John Clem Clarke's Hot Buttered Corn (1989) and Hans Moller's Lemons (1949). A roadside fireworks stand evokes the Fourth of July in Outside the Limits (1938-46), by Clarence Holbrook Carter. Be a part of a family outing in Edith Neff's Embarkations (1986). Enjoy a humorous oak sculpture of a cow (1976), which incorporates two acrylic paintings of a cow in a field, by painter Tom Althouse. There is something for everyone in this fun summer exhibition.

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