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Mind and Machine: Rhonda Wall, Recent Works


The Allentown Art Museum is pleased to announce the forthcoming exhibition, Mind and Machine: Rhonda Wall, Recent Works, which will be on view from September 12 - December 5, 1999 in the Max Hess Junior Gallery. In this series of paintings, Rhonda Wall has focused on scientific discoveries and inventions that have significantly changed the way we live and how we understand our world.

Wall approaches her art from a combination of cross-cultural, art historical, and social references. She typically works in a series that thoroughly explores a specific theme, often requiring extensive research. Some of her past mixed media installation series have tackled such divergent subjects as the Bauhaus (a pre-World War II German design school eventually closed by the Nazis), her year long residency in India, and her Russian heritage. Wall's current collaged paintings are meditations on scientific breakthroughs pioneered by women and men of foresight and courage. In Mind and Machine Wall positions individual scientists. doctors, and inventors in compositions rich with symbolic meaning. To showcase the scientists and their contributions to contemporary life, she uses key words and notations, collaged images, and found objects as a patterned background. Wall blends past, present, and future with science fact and science fiction in these large-scale rhythmic paintings. Visitors to the exhibition will discover that the subject of the paintings will evoke memories for some, teach others, and delight all.

A selection of the represented scientists and inventors include Marie Curie, the physicist who discovered radium and coined the phrase "radioactivity." Grace Murray Hopper, the United States Naval Officer and pioneer programmer who invented the first symbolic computer language based on mnemonics, and Sigmund Freud, premier investigator of the human psyche. Additionally, one of Wall's paintings features designers responsible for the development of the modern computer, the evolution of which advanced significantly in the 1930s.

Her stated intention is "to bring to light the contributions of many famous and not-so-famous people which have helped to shape contemporary life." Wall, a resident of Easton, Pennsylvania, has been creating mixed media constructions. installations, and performance art pieces since 1978. Her paintings have been included in a number of solo exhibitions from New York City to Mississippi State University. Wall's artwork is in the collection of The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, City College of the City of New York, Best Products, McGraw Hill, and the Keith Haring Foundation. She is a popular visiting artist at regional universities and currently teaches studio art classes at Kutzown University.

As this century comes to a close,Mind and Machine: Rhonda Wall, Recent Works reveals a captivating series of events that has given rise to our current technological age and possibly our future.

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