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The Acquisitive Eye: Collecting Ohio Artists

Elmer W. Brown (1909-1971), Gandy Dancer's Gal, oil, 24 x 32 inches, CAF Collection, gift of Elmer W. Brown Estate.


Opening July 9, the Cleveland Artists Foundation (CAF) presents The Acquisitive Eye: Collecting Ohio Artists, an exhibition mounted to examine the stimulus of local collectors' collecting. The exhibition runs through September 5, 1999.

The Acquisitive Eye: Collecting Ohio Artists features works by 28 Ohio artists, including Henry Keller, William Sommer, Frank Wilcox, Ken Nevadomi, William Gish, Doris Hall, Clara Deike, Tim Mather, Elmer W. Brown and Kristin Cliffel. The art on display ranges from contemporary crafts and paintings as well as works by members of the Cleveland School.

The Acquisitive Eye: Collecting Ohio Artists aims to shed some light on what people collect and why. The exhibition features the collections of Ann and Hugh Brown, Joan Tomkins and William Busta, Elsie and Joseph Erdelac, and Elaine and Joseph Kisvardai and from the Cleveland Artists Foundation's own archives.

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