Albany Museum of Art

Albany, Georgia



Living Between Worlds: The Art of Jonathan Green

July 1 - September 5, 1999


Bowes, oil on masonite, 23 x 23 inches, courtesy of Vanessa G. Niles

The Albany Museum of Art in Albany, Georgia is pleased to announce that Living Between Worlds: The Art of Jonathan Green will be on view at the Museum July 1 through September 5, 1999.

Jonathan Green represents two cultures: the Gullah tradition into which he was born and raised, and the art world, in which he now lives and works. Green seeks to recall in his vivid paintings the feeling, texture, and color of the vanishing way of life among the Gullah peoples of the South Carolina Coast. Green, born on St. Helena Island amidst a long-standing Gullah community, traveled to Chicago to study art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The artist eventually moved back to the South and currently lives in Naples, Florida. He is therefore in the unique position of having experienced both communities, urban and rural, and both styles of art, folk and formal.

Green paints the scenes and the people he knew as a child, and his colorful paintings in acrylic and oil have helped to preserve the Gullah culture. His work ranges from scenes of everyday life, such as a woman hanging out laundry or braiding a child's hair, to special occasions such as a christening or funeral. Green's brilliant paintings create a broad portrait of a place and a people.

Living Between Worlds was organized by the Albany Museum of Art from a number of private collections throughout the eastern United States.

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