Washington County Museum of Fine Arts

Hagerstown, MD





The Snallygaster School

April 16 through June 13, 1999


Anne Walker, Summer Landscape, collection of Joe Rossi, Rossi Gallery

In conjunction with the Walther - Maryland Modernist exhibition, the work of the students Walther taught in the Middletown Valley each summer and fall will be featured in The Snallygaster School. Organized by.Joseph Rossi of Lambertville, NJ, the paintings are drawn from private collections and include landscape, still life and.portraits by Cora Lee Despeaux, Lee Gatch, Herman Maril, Antoinette Ritter, Larry Rodda, Ann Walker and Emilie Wassell.

Boarding at Kepler's Inn, the students painted the Middletown panorama in a highly realistic style, from a Fauvist view, or as an abstract rendition.

About Charles Walther

In Maryland, early modernist abstraction had its first stirrings in the paintings of Charles H. Walther (1879-1938), not long after it evolved from the Parisian ateliers of Picasso and Braque. Although the Baltimore artist, who had first begun teaching at the Maryland Institute in 1906, was experimenting with Fauve and Cubist-style paintings as early as 1914, it was not until 1928 that his modernist ideas cost him the teaching post he had filled for 25 years. By then, Walther was a leading proponent of modernism and had a following among the younger painters, many of whom he had taught and who also shared his love of non-representational art.

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