Harwood Museum of Art

(from left to right: Harwood Museum of Art, photos by John Hazeltine © 2000; Harwood Facade, photo by John Rudiak, 1998)

of the University of New Mexico

Taos, NM




Resource Library articles and essays honoring the American experience through its art:

Burt and Lucy at Home: Featuring the Paintings of Burt Harwood; with texts by Jina Brenneman (10/25/13)

Single Lens Reflex: The Photographs of Burt Harwood; with text by Richard Tobin and Jina Brenneman (10/25/13)

Eah-Ha-Wa (Eva Mirabal) and Jonathan Warm Day Coming (3/7/13)

Red Willow: Portraits of a Town (3/7/13)

Suspension of Disbelief: The fantasy Worlds of  Helen Greene Blumenschien, Barbara Harmon, Frieda Lawrence, Gisella Leoffler, Ila McAfee and Millicent Rogers (8/20/12)

Richard Diebenkorn in New Mexico (5/25/07)

Patterns and Rhythms: Paintings by Anita Rodriguez (3/2/07)

Acts of Nature: Photographs by Zoë Zimmerman (12/21/06)

Retablo: Behind the Altar, A Collection of Paul LeBaron Thiebaud (9/29/06)

Taoseños and Sojourners: The Photographs of Mildred Tolbert (9/1/06)

Melissa Zink: The Language of Enchantment (8/28/06)

Wayne Thiebaud: City/Country / Jack Smith: Taos Portraits (6/11/04)

Marc Baseman Selected Drawings (7/15/03)

Three Taos Pueblo Painters, essay by David L. Witt (3/12/03)

Three Taos Pueblo Painters (1/20/03)

Marsha Skinner Landscape Drawings, with interpretive essay by David L. Witt (5/6/02)

Moving Mountains - Alyce Frank and Barbara Zaring, with notes by David L. Witt (1/2/02)

Howard Cook: Prints from the C. William and Eleanor Reiquam Collection (12/20/01)

Nuevo México Profundo: Photographs by Miguel Gandert (11/16/01)

Watercolor and the Landscape: Selections From the Permanent Collection (1/11/01)

Parallel Lives: Andrew Dasburg, Kenneth Adams, Ward Lockwood and the Modern Tradition, Selections from the University's Collection (12/4/00)

Gustavo Victor Goler, Santero (9/24/00)

Multiple Impressions: Native American Artists and the Print (5/15/00)

Chuck Close at The Harwood Museum (3/8/00)

A Selection of American Prints from the C. William and Eleanor Reiquam Collection (1/23/00)

Realism, PhotoRealism, SuperRealism (8/5/99)

Harwood Museum presents Four Photographers (3/29/99)

OBJECTS: Five Master Craftsmen (2/26/99)

Wildflowers of New Mexico: I9th Century Botanical Illustrations by Edward M. Skeats (2/8/99)


The Harwood Museum of Art is located at 238 Ledoux Street with parking available in the museum parking lot on Ranchitos Road one block west of Taos Plaza. Museum hours and fees are available on the museum's website.


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