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Linking a Place to Its People


September 5 - September 28, 1998




Portrait of Ora Coltman

William Edmondson (1868-1966)

oil, 1925

Gift (to the Cleveland Artists Foundation ) of the Cleveland Society of Artists


Linking a Place to its People, an exhibition of 35 selected works from the permanent collection of the Cleveland Artists Foundation, will be on view fiom September 5 through 28, 1998 at Beck Center for the Cuttural Arts, 17801 Detroit Avenue in Lakewood.

Among the works to be shown are an oil painting entitled The Dreamcr by Fredetick C. Gottwald (1858-1941) that was selected for the first May Show at the Cleveland Museum of Art in in 1919. A selection of prints by Ora Coltman (1858-1940) will also be on view along with a portrait of Ora Coltman at his easel (see above) by fellow artist William J. Edmondson (l868-l966).

The announcement of the exhibition features an intriguing print (see below) from 1949 by Jean Ulen (b. 1900-d.?) who taught for more than forty years at West Technical High School. A portrait by Elmer Novotny (b. 1909), one of her students, will also be included in the exhibition.

Ann Caywood Brown, curator of the exhibition, and Patricia Brigatti, CAF board member, also selected an early work by Richard Anuszkiewicz (b. 1930), and works by William Grauer (1896-1985), Abei Warshawsky (l883- 1962), August Biehle (1885-1979), Henry Keller(1869-1949), Paul Travis (1891-1975), Elmer Brown (1909-1971), Carl Gaertner (1898-1952), William Eastman (1888-1952), Willard W. Combes (1901-1984), Martin Linsey (b. 1915) and others. The Cleveland Artists Foundation collection includes works by early artists of the Western Reserve, artists known as the "Cleveland School." and contemporary senior artists of the region.


It's the Truth, Mrs. Murphy, 1949

Jean Ulen

etching with drypoint

Gift of Ian Ulen



When the celebration of Cleveland's Bicentennial ended and all of the special exhibitions at the city's cultural institutions were over, it was evident that there was a strong public interest in the art of the region. Researchers involved in preparing for the special exhibitions also recognized the difficulties in tracking information on historic and contemporary artists.

CAF President Nina Gibans convened a steering committee who determined that now was the time to implement a major project -- an annotated bibliography -- that would make information about the visual culture of the region easy to find and readily accessible.

Enlisting a group of advisors, the committee is engaged in making the resource guide (both as a printed version and as a data-base on the world wide web) applicable for use in school curricula, by the general public (e.g. someone wanting to know about the person who painted a picture that their family owns, or who might want to know about a piece of pottery or an enamel that was produced in the area), as well as by scholars. Librarians and teachers will be trained in its use and applications.

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For further biographical information on selected artists cited above please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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