University of New Hampshire Art Gallery

Durham, NH



Along the Water's Edge: Seascapes from the Permanent Collection


Alfred Thompson Bricher, Untitled, n.d., watercolor, 9 1/2 x 20 1/2 inches

Seascapes by artists such as A.T. Bricher, M.F.H. deHaas,Thomas Moran and Herbert Waters have graced The Art Gallery's permanent collection for decades. Though most have been previously displayed, this is the gallery's first exhibition featuring a seascape theme, according to Vicki Wright, director of The Art Gallery, "These works from our collection were researched by students in my Museum Studies course last spring," she says. "The exhibition serves a dual purpose -- to educate the community aisout our acquisitions and to provide students with an opportunity to study original works of art and learn about the museum exhibition process."

The exhibition is on veiw through April 11, 1999.


For further biographical information on selected artists cited above please see America's Distinguished Artists, a national registry of historic artists.

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