Leonore Rae Smith: American Portraiture


The Letter

24" x 20"


Leonore was honored by Artist's Magazine in 1996

as the first prize winner in the Dream Studio Competition.

The prize awarded was $30,000.

The above portrait was the prize painting.


An artist in every sense of the word, Leonore Rae Smith is the embodiment of renaissance ideal. Her talents have taken her from classic and light opera to center stage at Carnegie Hall. However it is in her Southern California studio that she has reached the pinnacle of her artistic dreams. "Painting always came first." says Leonore. "I began sketching and drawing when I was a child, and as a student at the Chicago Art Institute at sixteen was offered a scholarship by John Storrs, to study in Paris."

It is precisely this exposure to such diverse artistic elements that contributes to and enhances Smith's unique talents as a painter. As a portrait artist, Smith exhibits an uncanny ability to understand her subjects and capture the soul and essence of their very beings. The glow created by her sensitive juxtaposition of colors brings her paintings to life. Her entire approach to portraiture begins with her conception of the painting as a whole. Her goal is to move beyond the photographic and mirror images toward a portrayal of the outside with the inside shining through.

From the complex inner life of the adult to the innocent simplicity of a child, Smith probes beyond the external.

Smith is a member of the California Art Club, being profiled in a two-page story in the May, 1997 issue of the CAC newsletter. She is also a member of the Salmagundi Club of New York. Her paintings have toured the United States, on display in museums nationwide. Smith portraits hang in private collections, government offices and board rooms. She has been honored by the International Society of Artists, Oil Painters of America and the National Portrait Society. Smith served as a director of NPS.

Smith has received numerous words of appreciation:

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Readers who are interested in discussing a portrait commission with Ms. Smith may contact her at 310-454-4096 in Pacific Palisades, CA.


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