American 19-20th Century Coastal, Marine and Maritime Art


(above: Maurice Braun, Crashing Surf Near Point Loma, California, oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, American Eagle Fine Arts, Benicia, California. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)



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(above: Fitz Henry Lane, Lumber Schooners at Evening on Penobscot Bay, 1863, oil on canvas, 62.5 x 96.8 cm (24 5/8 x 38 1/8 in.), National Gallery of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Hatch, Sr. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Over Life's Waters - The Coastal Art Collection of Charles and Irene Hamm (2/6/15)

The Art of Sea-ing: William H. Drury, Charles Woodbury, and George Bellows; essay by Nancy Whipple Grinnell (11/5/13)

Maritime Portsmouth, The Sawtelle Collection; with text by Richard M. Candee (7/8/11)

Sargent and the Sea (3/12/10)

Antonio Jacobsen's Painted Ships on Painted Oceans; article by Harold S. Sniffen (7/3/09)

Seascapes: Tryon & Sugimoto (6/12/08)

Rivers, Sea and Shore: Reflections on Water / Sailing Wisconsin's Blue Jewel (11/9/07)

Rivers, Sea and Shore: Reflections on Water (6/25/07)

Where the Water Meets the Land: Selected Paintings from the Phelan Collection (8/13/04)

Into the Storm: Expressions in the American Landscape, 1800­1940 (7/15/04)

Ship to Shore (7/23/03)

William S. Barrett's Sea and Shore by John Douglas Ingraham

A Maritime Album (12/8/00)

Capture the Wind: Racing Yachts & Westchester (8/14/00)


Ship to Shore: Marine Paintings from the Butler Institute of American Art (7/27/00)

Ship to Shore: Marine Paintings from the Butler Institute of American Art (5/18/00)

"A Fair Wind" - Maritime Paintings by Winslow Homer (4/15/00)

Ship to Shore: Marine Paintings from the Butler Institute of American Art (1/16/00)

The Lynn Beach Painters: Art Along the North Shore of Massachusetts, 1880-1920 (9/4/99)

From Ship to Shore: Marine Paintings (6/4/99)

Along the Water's Edge: Seascapes from the Permanent Collection (2/2/99)

The Lynn Beach Painters: Art Along the North Shore, 1880-1920 (12/23/98)

Scrimshaw: the Whalers' Art (1998)

Ship to Shore (1997-98)


(above: Fitz Henry Lane, Clipper Ship 'Southern Cross' Leaving Boston Harbor, 1851, oil on canvas, Height: 64.1 cm (25.2 in); Width: 96.5 cm (38 in), Peabody Essex Museum. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)

From other websites:

Bright Lights, Safe Harbors, Painted Images of American Lighthouses by R. Alexander Boyle, from R. Alexander Boyle. Accessed August, 2015.

By the Sea, By the Sea: Waterscapes and Beach Scenes By William J. Glackens and the Ashcan School is a 2022 exhibit at the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale which says: "The exhibition will draw from the Museum's vast collection of masterful seascapes by William J. Glackens, which is the largest collection in the world of artworks and archival materials related to Glackens, and members of the artist's milieu, created in the late 19th and early 20th century. These paintings, photographs, prints and sketches portray unfettered, modern visions of leisure and labor by the waterfront. Key works within this show include Glackens' charming portrayal of women approaching the placid sea in his post-Impressionist masterpiece Cape Cod Pier (1908), along with his painting of New York's maritime industrial progress,Tugboat and Lighter (1904-1905). Also included are his humorous series of crowded beaches that reflect the growing allure of the seaside as an escape from the urban density of the industrial age"   Accessed 9/22

In Calm Waters, On Stormy Seas, an exhibit held May 30 - July 31, 2015 at the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy Accessed January, 2016.

The Coast & the Sea: Marine and Maritime Art in America was a 2014 exhibit at the Baker Museum which says: "Organized by the New-York Historical Society, this exhibit features major marine paintings and maritime artifacts from the museum's holdings. A reflection of the fact that the early history and culture of the United States are closely bound to the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern seaboard of North America, this exhibition includes over 50 paintings from 1750 to 1904, a selection of decorative arts with maritime themes, and artifacts and tools." Accessed 1/17

In American Waters is a 2021 exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum which says: "For over 200 years, artists have been inspired to capture the beauty, violence, poetry and transformative power of the sea in American life. Oceans play a key role in American society no matter where we live, and the sea continues to inspire painters today to capture its mystery and power." Accessed 7/21


(above: Cahoon Museum of American Art, 2022, photo by John Hazeltine)


Scrimshaw: The Whaler's Art is a 2022 exhibit at the Cahoon Museum of American Art which says: "This major exhibition presents the art and history of scrimshaw, a nautical folk art form created by whalers during the international whaling trade of the 19th century. The surprising history of this unique art form is explained and brought to life through the stories of the makers and recipients of these intricately detailed keepsakes."  Also see article in Antiques and The Arts Weekly. Accessed 9/22

Seascapes by William Trost Richards was a 2016 exhibit at Chrysler Museum of Art which says: "From his paint box and palette to preparatory sketches, from quick works in ink to deftly executed works of color, Seascapes... provides an insightful look at an American master....From his paint box and palette to preparatory sketches, from quick works in ink to deftly executed works of color, Seascapes by William Trost Richards provides an insightful look at an American master." See the press release and William Trost Richards from Resource Library. Accessed 10/16

A View from the Shore: Winslow Homer's Impressions of the Coast is a 2021 exhibit at the Mitchell Art Gallery, St. John's College which says: "Winslow Homer (1836-1910) is regarded by many as the preeminent American painter of the 19th century, well known for his dynamic renditions of scenes from the coast."  Accessed 12/21

William Trost Richards: Visions of Land and Sea, an exhibit held May 23 - September 8, 2013 at the National Academy Museum. Accessed August, 2015.


(above: William Morris Hunt, View of Gloucester Harbor, 1877, oil on canvas, Height: 53.6 cm (21.1 in), Width: 79 cm (31.1 in), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


(above:  Hermann Ottomar Herzog: Fisherman's Bay, South Farallon Island, oil on canvas, 33 ? by 44 ? inches, Sotheby's. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


(above:  Dixie Selden, Patched Sail, c. 1929, oil on board, lent to Cincinnati Art Museum by City School District of the City of Cincinnati. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


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