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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Determined to Paint: The Art of George W. Hallock; essay by Geoffrey K. Fleming (1/19/13)

Charles Vickery: Maritime painter; essay by by David L. Wilson, Jr. (9/22/06)

Fishing on the Grand Banks: The Marine Art of Thomas Hoyne (8/1/05)

Frederick Judd Waugh, 1861 - 1940: From Love to Knowledge -- An Artist's Journey (6/5/03)

Pirates: From the Golden Age of American Illustration (6/2/03)

Across the Waves, article by James Houghton (9/2/01)

The Twelfth National Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists (3/9/01)

Scenes of the Pacific (10/9/00)

Aqueous (7/18/00)

Maritime Exhibitions at Lyman Allyn Museum of Art (7/11/00)

7th Annual Maritime Art Exhibit at Coos Art Museum (6/27/00)

Nautica 2000 (4/13/00)

Water: A Contemporary American View (10/11/99)

Rie Muñoz: 100 Recent Alaskan Watercolors (9/17/99)

Margy Gates at Ventura County Maritime Museum (8/21/99)

Sea:Scene:See:Seen (7/19/99)

Nautica '99 (7/15/99)

From Ship to Shore: Marine Paintings (6/4/99)

Visions of the Eastern Shore (7/12/99)

Along the Water's Edge: Seascapes from the Permanent Collection (2/2/99)

The Lynn Beach Painters: Art Along the North Shore, 1880-1920 (12/23/98)

Sea Change (7/17/98)

The Civil War Naval Scenes of Xanthus Smith (9/1/98)

David Bates: The Gulf Coast

Romancing the Sea: Contemporary American Marine Art

Contemporary American Marine Art

John Stobart (9/16/97)


From other websites:

Alexis Rockman: Shipwrecks is a 2021 exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum which says: "Through this new series of dramatic depictions of historic shipwrecks, American artist Alexis Rockman symbolizes the impact that the migration of goods, people, plants, and animals has had on our planet." Accessed 6/21

Alexis Rockman: Shipwrecks is a 2022 exhibit at the Princeton University Art Museum which says: "In this new body of work, the New York-based artist Alexis Rockman reenvisions shipwreck narratives to focus less on human drama than on the broad planetary implications of the forces behind them, including trade, migration, colonization, and globalization. The artist's vivid series of large canvases and intimate watercolors points to how an increasingly interconnected world has generated profound ecological change." Also see the website of the artist. Accessed 11/22

American Society of Marine Artists website. Accessed August, 2015.

Avocation to Vocation: Prints by F. Townsend Morgan is a 2017 exhibit at the Georgia Museum of Art which says: "Through the Federal Relief Agency sponsored by Key West Art Project, Morgan journeyed to Key West, Florida and began working on prints of the surrounding seascapes and coastal life. From 1936 to 1937, he worked for the Treasury Relief Art Project (TRAP) in the Virgin Islands, the smallest of the four New Deal art programs. He then returned to Key West and established its Community Art Center in 1941." - To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website.   Accessed 8/17

Ebb & Flow: Seascape and Shoreline Views is a 2017 exhibit at the Heckscher Museum of Art  which says: "This exhibition features over four dozen paintings, prints, and photographs from the Museum's permanent collection, including works by Reynolds Beal, Eugene Boudin, Alfred Thompson Bricher, Stan Brodsky, Arthur Dove, Edward and Thomas Moran, Roy Nicholson, Jules Olitski, Betty Parsons, Maurice Prendergast, and William Trost Richards, among others." Accessed 11/17

Jim Caldwell, Water Play: Nature's Abstracts from the Sky is a 2017 exhibit at the Peninsula Museum of Art which says: "Landscape painter Jim Caldwell usually has his feet planted firmly on the ground. However, for his show at PMA, Caldwell takes us on a glorious ride over the Delta and the South Bay salt flats."  Also see artist's website Accessed 12/17

Katherine Bradford is a 2017 exhibit at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth which says: "Katherine Bradford is known for her vibrant palette, faux-naïf style, and eccentric compositions. Often built up over months and sometimes years, the surfaces of Bradford's paintings are textured, comprising multiple thin, semi-transparent coats of acrylic paint, with hints of pentimenti in the final compositions." Accessed 12/17

Joe Zucker: Scrolls is a 2017 exhibit at the Housatonic Museum of Art which says: "Zucker's Scrolls series reflects his involvement with the sea as well as his interest in the legends of pirates like Captain William Kidd and Blackbeard, who terrorized the high seas and sought refuge off the shores of Long Island and Connecticut. For over thirty years, Zucker has returned again and again to the imagery of frigates in full sail, cannon balls, yard arms and the leering grin of the Jolly Roger, creating new iterations of these familiar signs and symbols." - To read more after exhibit closes, go to "Past Exhibitions" section of museum website.  Accessed 11/17


(Camden Boat House, 2021. Photo by John Hazeline)

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