Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia Art

by Ann Erskine


Helen Sampson and Annina Luck


Helen Sampson has been living and working as a graphic artist and photographer in the Washington D.C. area for fifteen years. Previous to that, she attended the University of Florida where she studied archaeology/anthropology, and majored in art history at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she received her BFA. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Touchstone, Tartt, Perry House, Savage Mill gallery, Glenview Mansion (4 person show). Her work is presently represented at the Art League of Alexandria, the Canton Gallery in Baltimore, and various corporations in the DC and Baltimore area. She concentrates primarily on black and white photography, a few of which she sepia tones and handtints with Marshall's dyes. Recently she has used imaging techniques, bringing together various architectural and human elements. (left: Helen Sampson, Glimpses of New York on 11th Street, DC; right: Helen Sampson, Untitled)

"Although I am not opposed to restoration, it seems to me that by standing abandoned or in disrepair for any length of time, these structures - be they sculpture, telephone boxes, theaters, or homes achieve a nobility that is lost once they are restored. There has been a loss of appreciation for the inner city just as it is. Rather than search for an answer to the problem of 'urban blight and abandonment,' I would choose to impart hints of value and beauty found in those parts of the city not ordinarily thought of as worthy of notice. By doing so, I attempt to capture works that have long been neglected, taken for granted, and tell many quiet stories."

"I photograph those things left behind, tossed aside, taken for granted, generally in a state of disrepair, with a previous condition of regal splendor or importance, and by doing so, force them to be seen new again." (left: Helen Sampson, New Orleans Fantasy; right: Helen Sampson, Rebecca Lee and 14th Street Shadows)

Annina Luck is a Swiss-American artist living in Baltimore, Maryland. Annina started painting five years ago. She is largely self-taught and lucky enough to have grown up in an artistic family. Other influences include the Southwest, Swiss folk art, and Byzantine and Medieval mosaics and paintings.

Annina's work is colorful and whimsical. She uses bright acrylic colors, black magic marker and high-gloss varnish on tagboard, foamcore, canvas and terra cotta. Annina has designed several characters and embellishments that reappear in different compositions. Annina creates paintings and murals. She uses her designs on ceramic pots, floor cloths, and textiles. (left: Annina Luck, Untitled)

Annina's most recent projects include creating a Christmas tree for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, designing an invitation for a reception honoring Swiss balloonist Bertrand Piccard and exhibiting her paintings at the several cafes and bookstores throughout Baltimore.

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