National Calendar of Art Exhibitions

with an emphasis on American representational art

at museums and other non-profit organizations



What is included in the National Calendar of Art Exhibitions:


The National Calendar of Exhibitions provides the public a specialized listing of current, future and past exhibitions held at American art museums and other non-profit institutions. The Calendar references exhibitions devoted primarily to American representational art.

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A further objective in maintaining the Calendar is to provide for TFAO a source for follow up to be used in determining whether online information about exhibitions will be included in TFAO's Topics in American Art catalog.

A key factor in determining whether upcoming exhibitions will be posted in the Calendar is the likelihood of long term online durability of information about exhibitions posted by institutional exhibitors on their websites and from other online sources with related materials such as magazine articles and postings on artists' websites. Also, as noted above, TFAO favors exhibitions for posting in the Calendar with an eye towards coverage in Topics in American Art. TFAO studies exhibition content previously posted in its own site to see if information about upcoming exhibitions is: either duplicative or adds new, insightful material, such as in the case of touring exhibitions with multiple venues; significantly additive for artists and subjects covered by TFAO since 1997.

TFAO favors for each exhibition to be listed in the Calendar, and possibly to be referenced in Topics in American Art, content beyond a brief description posted online by exhibiting institutions. Enriched content may include images, an in-depth description, plus links to videos, a teacher guide, press releases, media coverage, wall texts, object labels, check list, brochure and more. If a museum has not yet added enriched information about an exhibition at the time of its posting of an upcoming exhibit, yet based on postings of prior exhibitions, is likely to add material when the future exhibition becomes a current one, TFAO may take that pattern into consideration when deciding whether or not to include the exhibition in the Calendar.

Some exhibitions are excluded, including:

Artist organizations include cooperatives, clubs and other membership societies.


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