National Calendar of Representational Art Exhibitions


(above, John Cogan, Portrait of Red Arch Mountain, 2019, acrylic. photo courtesy of National Park Service. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


What is included in the National Calendar of Representational Art Exhibitions


As of June, 2024, we audit the exhibitions of these 141 institutions: A-C D-G H-L M-Q R-S T-Z.

The National Calendar of Representational Art Exhibitions provides the public a specialized listing of current, future and past exhibitions held at American art museums and other non-profit institutions. We are especially interested in exhibits that lift the spirits of viewers via emphasis on beauty, forgiveness and kindness.

A key factor in determining whether upcoming exhibitions will be posted in the Calendar is the likelihood of long term online durability of information about exhibitions posted by institutional exhibitors on their websites. Also, we favor exhibitions for posting in the Calendar with an eye towards further coverage in Topics in American Art

We study exhibition content previously posted in the museum's site and Topics to see whether information about upcoming exhibitions is either duplicative or adds new material -- such as in the case of touring exhibitions with multiple venues -- significantly additive to knowledge about artists and subjects covered by us since 1997.

We favor for each exhibition to be listed in the Calendar, and cited in Topics, content beyond a brief description (less than approximately 300 words) posted online by exhibiting institutions. Enriched content may include images, an in-depth description, plus links to videos, a teacher guide, press releases, media coverage, wall texts, object labels, check list, brochure or catalog, virtual exhibits and more. If a museum has not yet added enriched information about an exhibition at the time of its posting of an upcoming exhibit, yet based on study of postings of prior exhibitions is likely to add material when the future exhibition becomes a current one, we may take that pattern into consideration when deciding whether or not to include the exhibition in the Calendar.


Living artist exhibitions

From time to time artists ask how their artworks may cited in the Calendar and Topics. We consider inclusion of established artists exhibiting representational art in monographs or retrospectives in non profit museums and art centers.


Some exhibitions are excluded, including:

- group exhibitions of members of artist organizations which include cooperatives, clubs and other membership societies, faculties and students,

- juried exhibitions,

- exhibitions not deemed to be balanced in favor of American representational art,

- computer-generated art exhibitions,

- video exhibitions,

- current and upcoming commercial gallery exhibitions.


(above, Gari Melchers, Joan of Arc, oil on canvas, 30 x 23 inches, Indianapolis Museum of Art. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


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