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Through the generosity of time and talent on the part of hundreds of volunteers, TFAO's avoidance of paid staff, and other efficiencies, TFAO is able to operate with negligible financial resources. TFAO is 100% non-commercial, is funded solely by donations and receives no government support.

For historical financial and governance information, you may view online the State of Arizona Corporation Commission Corporation Annual Report & Certificate of Disclosure for TFAO for each year by clicking here, then clicking on "Corporate Records," and then "Corporations Annual Reports by Name." You may either enter File Number 1088188-7 or Traditional Fine arts Organization to view the annual reports. Please note that no statement of financial condition is required. This is because of legislation enacted exempting nonprofit corporations of a specified class which includes TFAO.

The Federal Identification Number for TFAO is 14-1892264 (see IRS tax exempt status letters)


Assets and liabilities

Net assets, as of December 31, 2021 were $852, consisting of 100% cash for day-to-day operations. TFAO possesses no office equipment, furniture, or other assets of significant value. Current liabilities, including pending bills related to internet and phone service, plus other incidental expenses as of December 31, 2021 were less than $200. TFAO has no long-term liabilities.

The TFAO website has negligible income-producing value because TFAO has assured sources of published texts and images that the site will not be used for income producing purposes such as offsite sale of contents, charges to any type of viewer for access to content on pages within its site, and acceptance of paid advertising on its pages containing content provided by outside parties. Pages containing content provided by outside parties, with copyright to that content held by them or other parties, equal nearly 100% of TFAO's Web pages. TFAO's promise of non-commercial use of its website is one of the main reasons the sources have allowed TFAO to publish their copyrighted materials. Attempting to have financial gain from the contents of the site would amount to a betrayal of the trust of the hundreds of sources that have provided texts and images to TFAO over the years.


Typical annual income and expenses

Since its inception in 2003, TFAO has provided all of its services without charge. TFAO has always relied 100% on donations for its revenue and is completely noncommercial. Donors receive no tangible benefits from their gifts. No business activities are conducted. No sales are made of any goods or services.

TFAO had an annual budget in prior years larger than at present, mainly due to expenditures to: introduce itself to future sources of site content, establish audience awareness and credibility, evolve more efficient methods of operation, build a larger volume of scholarly texts, and provide modest financial assistance to other non-profit organizations. TFAO is presently firmly established and sustaining systems in place; far less funds are needed for operations. The current budget includes sharing of some costs with an outside party. No budget is currently provided for assistance to other non-profit organizations.


Financial support

TFAO welcomes your financial support. Also, we will be pleased to share names of other organizations we believe to be worthy of your consideration.

TFAO has earned a 2021 Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency. See our updated Profile on Candid


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