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Slow Painting: A Deliberate Renaissance

September 17 - December 17, 2006


The Oglethorpe University Museum. presents a new exhibition entitled Slow Painting: A Deliberate Renaissance, on view September 17 through December 17, 2006. Please click here to view the 50-page illustrated catalogue for the exhibition. The show has been co-curated by James F. Cooper, editor of the American Arts Quarterly, and Dr. Gregory Hedberg, director of European Art at Hirschl and Adler Galleries in New York City, and D. Jeffrey Mims, painter and director of Mims Studios. The catalogue contains essays entitled "Realism: The Path to Beauty" by James F. Cooper, "A New Direction in Art Education - The New Academies, Andy Warhol and a New Aesthetic Movement" by Dr. Gregory Hedberg, and Distinguishing the Essential From the Accidental" by D. Jeffrey Mims.

Editor's note: Resource Library wishes to extend appreciation to Abigail Dowd of the Mims Studios and Lloyd Nick of the Oglethorpe Museum of Art for her help concerning permissions for posting the above catalogue.

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