Volunteering: Outreach


Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) is silmiliar to the fine arts section of a public, college or museum library

Years ago TFAO conducted public relations work aimed at the media but discontinued it in favor of spending that amount of time and energy towards content development. That's been our main direction ever since.

People who wish to spread knowledge of American art may pass along TFAO's name to instructors, students, classmates, museum staff and docents. Our Institution Outreach Project is aimed at outreach to staff members of museums and instructors at colleges and universities.

Persons familiar with the media may contact news organizations to help spread the word about TFAO's services. Institutions with websites, or individuals with blogs, can bring tfaoi.org Web pages to people's attention by linking to URLs within TFAO's website. Tens of thousands of institutional Web pages and personal blog pages contain links to TFAO pages.


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