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Joan Boghossian & Jan Gaudreau

(above Jan Gaudreau, Nantucket, Coast Guard Station, oil on canvas)

Jan Gaudreau, of Providence, and Joan Thompson Boghossian, of Pawtucket, again team up to exhibit their work at the Providence Art Club this May. The work of Jan Gaudreau continues to evolve, ranging from realism to impressionism.  Her painters eye is attracted to unique shapes and spaces created by man or nature: images of cityscapes and flowers and seascapes, including the often-overlooked bits and pieces of everyday life found in the home. But whatever the subject matter -- whether in a bustling city or quiet Nantucke -- Gaudreau strives to capture the elusive atmosphere and feeling, recording it on paper or canvas, asking the viewer to pause and ponder the play of light, shadow and color offered in these serendipitous moments. She has a natural feel for the lightness and delicacy of watercolor and her impressionistic oils and semi-abstract watercolors have found favor in many private collections.

Joan Boghossian is interested in capturing the ever-changing light of the world. She prefers to paint outdoors in the early morning and late afternoon light, a time when she finds the most dramatic contrast and a very special glow. Boghossian's watercolors, tend to simplify the subject by using a hard edge quality, a technique that Boghossian uses to obtain the feeling she wants. However, her monotypes bring about entirely different emotions, as they are more impressionistic, having a less defined, less realistic image. All of her work is exquisitely done; Boghossian is a skilled draftsman whose eye for light and color bring depth to all of her images. Her subject matter is also intriguing, as she often uses simple subjects, seen in new ways, so as to bring attention to the beauty of what otherwise might not be seen. (right: Joan Boghossian, Six Marbles II, monotype)



Barbara A. Dahill: A Journal of Painting

(above: Barbara Dahill, Taormina, Sicily, oil)

A native New Englander now living in Boston, Barbara Dahill has always been drawn to the fields, trees, and rivers that form the surrounding landscape.  Recently she has traveled to the Tuscan and Sicilian regions of Italy where she became fascinated and inspired by these regions, so steeped in history.  Her paintings capture the quiet respite from hectic modern life that she experience during her travels. This collection of oil and watercolor paintings embodies the sense of tranquility the Italian countryside has provided natives and visitors with for thousands of years. Inspired by ancient architectural wonders and beautifully carved farmland, the recent work of Barbara Dahill allows each of us a taste of the alluring Mediterranean land she once experienced. 


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