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Monhegan Artists' Residency Corporation

by Raquel Boehmer and Jim Dugan


For well over 100 years, Monhegan Island, a place of unparalleled beauty and drama has been home and inspiration to countless artists including Robert Henri, George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, Jamie Wyeth among many others. While Monhegan Island continues to attract artists from every part of the country, it is increasingly difficult for Maine artists to find affordable housing for an extended visit. The Carina House Residency is designed to give back to Maine artists part of their heritage and tradition, including a period for creative experimentation and exploration. Carina House, an artist's Summer cottage, has been made available for this purpose and is administered by the Monhegan Artists' Residency Corporation (MARC).


Carina House

The Carina House Artist's Residency provides an apartment and studio on the second floor of the Carina.

The apartment was refitted to be both gemütlich and serve the housing needs of one person. A full bath (with tub), bedroom, and kitchen/livingroom/dining area are provided.

The interior of residence has its charm and power. Its source is human and an interesting counter point to the natural beauty and charm of the Island. Colors (in many forms), a small but interesting collection of books on art making, and a fine collection of opera as well as other classical records add to the creative impact. A studio is provided (with an inspirational view to the south). Its very high ceiling, north light and generous floor space do not cramp one's style.


2002 Residents

The Monhegan Artists' Residency Corporation announced on April 3, 2002 that two Maine artists, Kelli Haines of Bath and Carol Sloan of Washington, have been chosen for the Carina Residency on Monhegan Island this summer.

The Carina Residency gives two artists each year the opportunity to live and work on Monhegan, an island of unparalleled natural beauty and drama and home to artists for over a century. Entry is open only to Maine residents and is aimed at emerging visual artists. The residency provides an apartment with studio for five weeks to each artist. (left: photo by Kelli L.K. Haines; right: painting by Carol Sloane)

Bath photographer Kelli L.K. Haines works with a 4X5 camera in black-and-white. The judges said, "Kelli has a strong personal vision, timeless in subject matter and executes with technical strength." Haines will have the first residency, June 1 to July 6, 2002.

Carol Sloane, a painter from Washington, Maine, will have the second residency, July 28 to Sept. 1, 2002. The judges said, "The richness of her paint is grounded in substance, yet her willingness to explore conceptual presentations intrigued us."

The judges for this year's selection were:

Dr. Genetta McLean, a specialist in 16th-century Florentine painting and an artist, is director of the Bates College Museum of Art and author of the recently published book Dixie Selden: An American Impressionist from Cincinnati (1868-1935).
Portland painter Connie Hayes received a Carina Residency in 1991 and now shows at Greenhut Galleries. Her M.F.A. is from Tyler in Philadelphia and Rome, and her B.F.A. is from Maine College of Art, where she also taught for 10 years and was interim Dean. A book on her project "Borrowed Views" will be published in the spring of 2003.
Victoria K. Woodhull is the Associate Director of the Farnsworth Art Museum and is currently the Chair of the Maine Alliance for Arts Education Board of Directors. Also a painter, Woodhull lives and works in Cushing, Maine.

For more information about the Carina Residency, including samples of work by past residents, see the web site for the Monhegan Artists Residency Corporation at http://www.monhegan.com/marc/ on the Web.


About the authors:

Raquel Boehmer is Chair of the Board of Monhegan Artists' Residency Corporation. Jim Dugan was a 1991 Carina fellow and is a Director of the Board of Monhegan Artists' Residency Corporation. He is also a photographer in Camden, ME.

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