Pensacola Museum of Art

Pensacola, FL



Landscapes From The Permanent Collection of the Pensacola Museum of Art

December 8 - January 5, 2001


In the continuing series of "Selections from the Permanent Collection" exhibitions, the Pensacola Museum of Art Lamar Assembly Room Gallery will feature art world names such as Roberto Matta, Milton Avery and Betty Jo Norman as they explore one of the age-old favorites of the visual artist -- the landscape. This exhibition is an examination of the many schools of thought and variation on one genre that can be found in the permanent of collection of the Museum. (left: Nahum Tschacbasov, Landscape with Figures, 1959, etching and aquatint, 10 3/4 x 12 inches, 66.33, donated by the artist)

The artists of this exhibition have established their pictorial plane in one of several different schools including traditionalist, surrealist, abstraction and have created new interpretations of the subject matter while staying true to form, all the while keeping a watchful eye on the past and what has been accomplished, then peering into what was then their current views on the subject matter.

Traditionalist interpretations, of which Maurice Vlaminck's Harte Folie would certainly belong, exhibits a feeling of the artists' sketched remembrance of a difference space and circumstance. In all probability, what is being shared with the museum patron is a snapshot of an actual moment in time - a Vlaminck study taken directly from nature.

Harold Altman's Advancing Figure and Enrique Soriano's Light and Shade invoke an entirely different feel for the viewer. Each piece with its own version of a skewed perspective, melting figures or looming shadows transcend the traditional Rockwellesque polish to dictate their own surrealist unease and respect for technique and forms. (left: Harold Altman, Advancing Figure, lithograph, 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 71.4, museum purchase)

Abstracted Landscapes in the exhibition, including Nahum Tschacbasov's Landscape with Figures, Francisco Sainz's Blue Fountain and Pyramids by Alexander Calder, create three different stages for the landscape to perform for the eye. Tschacbasov's "landscape" is a myriad of interlocking figures and forms, all of which balance the artists' finished composition. Sainz's and Calder's work are more playful interpretations of the landscape genre, offering childlike illustrations of hills and valleys done in deep bright placement of solid color, one version in Sainz's "sidewalk chalk" display and yet another in Calder's interlocking pyramid composition.

The exhibition will feature eleven pieces from the permanent collection, each with its own story on the artists view of capturing the landscape.

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