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Body of Evidence: Art Quilts by Judy Zoelzer Levine


The Yeiser Art Center is exhibiting the art quilts of Judy Zoelzer Levine of Bayside, Wisconsin and the steel mesh sculptures by Thomas Harvey of Micco, Florida , through October 8, 2000. Each artist uses the human figure as a starting point for their work and artistic statements.

"Body of Evidence: Art Quilts by Judy Zoelzer Levine" is a series of twenty quilts created to to explore the way women are viewed and used in our society. According to Levine.... "women are viewed as sex symbols useful for selling products."

The image of women ranges from inspiring patriotism -'Lady Liberty' to protectors - Guardian Angels. "Joan of Arc embodies the idea that we can conquer any adversity if we only believe in ourselves hard enough", said Levine. "Women, hearth and home symbolized true happiness in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Women and their efforts are often overlooked. They are ignored, walked on, physically and mentally abused and forced into bondage."

Levine's 30 x 30 inches quilts, incorporate straight pins, corsets, and barbed wire to convey her ideas. "The quilts grew out of my trying to simplify the meaning and images of my quilts", said Levine. "In my effort to strip away extraneous elements and concentrate on the focus of my quilts, I arrived at a simplified design that offered an abundance of possibilities. The simple design forces a concentration on the image. The image is then manipulated to express various social comments within the confines of the form."

Levine recipient of numerous awards, has participated in quilt exhibits in California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin, Oregon, Virginia, Kansas, Iowa, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Thomas Harvey uses malleable cold steel mesh as a medium to create his figurative sculptures. The mesh provides a unique quality that depict the figure's form and gesture. When a spotlight is cast upon his sculptures, a shadow is thrown across the wall behind the work creating a dimensional effect similar to a charcoal drawing in the likeness of the piece.

Harvey, currently residing in Florida, has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He has studied with Randy Cooper (screen sculptures) and with sculptor Jabob Liptcon. The artist uses hand crafted, wooden tools to manipulate the material. His work can be found in public and private collections in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, and Germany.

Harvey creates customized pieces of one or more figures in a range of sizes. He often models his work on patrons or friends for commissions.

The Yeiser Art Center, located at 200 Broadway, Paducah, KY the historic Market House in Paducah, is accessible to people with disabilities.

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