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Belie Emerson Keith at Rockford Art Museum


Belie Emerson Keith, a Rockford artist and educator, will be featured in an exhibition opening November 12, 1999 at Rockford Art Museum. Keith's style was Impressionistic and she focused on still lifes and landscapes. On display will be approximately 20 paintings, many of the which have never before been shown in Rockford. The exhibition also includes several pencil drawings. One of the drawings was displayed in a Rockford Sketch Club exhibition more than 100 years ago.

This show pays tribute to Keith, a prominent woman in Rockford's educational and cultural history. The Emersons were pioneers who were involved in numerous businesses which helped to develop the Rockford area. Belie, herself, was a pioneer in many ways. She was a founding member of the Rockford Art Association, now the Rockford Art Museum, and exhibited in the Art Association's first show in 1913. She was also involved in the Rockford Art Guild, the Rockford Sketch Club and the Rockford Woman's Club. (left: Keith, Belie Emerson, "American Expectation", oil on canvas, Gift of Mrs. Edward P. Lathrop)

In 1916 Keith started a private school on the top floor of her home. The group consisted of eight children, later known as "The Original Eight." Enrollment increased steadily and today it is known as Keith Country Day School. The exhibition will display a painting created by Keith of "The Original Eight," which ordinarily hangs in Keith School. Rockford Art Museum is collaborating with Keith School to provide additional programming.

Assistant Curator Steve Coogan with a give a gallery talk on the Belie Emerson Keith exhibition on November 20 from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. A choral group from Keith Country Day School will perform at the beginning and the end of the presentation. Coogan will focus on Keith's life and her art. The talk is free.

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