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Andrew Lenaghan: New Paintings / Lewis Wickes Hine: The Final Years


A painter and a photographer whose work embraces the gritty reality of their generations will be showcased this spring in separate exhibitions at the Greenville County Museum of Art.

"Andrew Lenaghan: New Paintings" is on view through April 30th, 2000. An important figure in contemporary realism, Lenaghan is a 35-year old native of New Jersey who graduated from Cornell University and Brooklyn College. The exhibition is a collection of urban landscapes that focus on what one writer has called "the tattered edges of urban renewal." Asbury Park, New Jersey (1999) depicts a dilapidated amusement park, overgrown with weeds and vines, its painted buildings peeling with decay. Rainbow Room, Asbury Park, New Jersey (1999) presents what was a high-style 1940s resort, now crumbling in disuse and inattention. (left: Andrew Lenaghan, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 1999, oil on panel, 24 x 32 inches, Courtesy of George Adams Gallery)

Lenaghan's minutely detailed works are all created on site, with specific attention to the natural elements that have reclaimed man's cast-off architecture.

Photographer Lewis Wickes Hine (1874-1940) focused his camera on an urban America, his purpose both artistic and documentary. "Lewis Wickes Hine: The Final Years" is a collection of photographs taken in the 1930s for the National Research Project of the Farm Security Administration--a study intended to determine the impact of industrialization on employment opportunity. In fact, the study concluded that technological advances would result in unemployment for thousands. Machines take center stage in many of these photographs, a focus mandated by the study's director, but factory-working men and women and the conditions they endured are captured in vivid and touching detail.

The exhibition, organized from the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, includes a number of photographs focusing on the textile industry, taken by Hine late in his career at mills in North Carolina, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. The textile series concentrates on both working people and machinery, and it conveys striking examples of ways in which technology improved productivity while vastly shrinking the number of textile jobs available for American workers.

"Lewis Wickes Hine: The Final Years" will be on view from April 5th - June 4th, 2000

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