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We:seek to co-sponsor long-term, one-off or multiple location, outdoor murals placed on museum, arts center, public and commercial walls. Acceptable topic content is the same as for onsite exhibitions.

The mural's subject matter is of greatest importance in weighing whether or not we wish to participate in sponsorship. The size of the mural is also significant. It should be seen and appreciated from as far as possible. Therefore, we favor a mural that covers the entire surface of the wall upon which it is placed. An exception is where a portion of the wall can't be seen from afar. Protrusions and indentations are to be painted or otherwise covered over in a manner that fools the viewer into believing they don't exist. 

Murals may be original paintings or vinyl wraps depicting original art.

We welcome your letter of inquiry aligned with our grant strategy and preferences, followed by further steps leading to funding.

For reference, see a brief video showing installation of a vinyl wrap mural on the Palos Verdes Fine Art Center exterior walls.

We are considering co-sponsorship of a multi-mural project that envisions murals placed on walls of buildings in cities formed form ancestral ranch lands. Images of landscape paintings, originally created in the beginning of the prior century, may be placed on walls with the same view perspective.


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