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Art Colonies of Chicago

From other websites:

Art Colonies of Chicago from The Encyclopedia of Chicago. Accessed July, 2015



Brown County Art Colony


(above:  T. C. Steele, The Ohio river from the College Campus, Hanover, 1892, oil, canvas, 66 x 97 cm).  Friends of T.C. Steele*)

From other websites:

Brown County Art Colony from Wikipedia. Accessed July, 2015

Early Brown County Artists from Illinois, by Joanne Nesbit, from Our Brown County magazine. Accessed July, 2015


Door County Art Colony

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Door County Art History - Lesser Known Door County is a YouTube video where viewers "Learn about the artist colonies and environmental inspiration that established Door County, Wisconsin as an artists haven." Accessed 4/22

"A Look Back at Door County's Art Appeal: Frogtown Art Colony" is a July 7th, 2011 article in the Door County Pulse, Peninsula Pulse which says: "In the summer of 1922, and Frederic Victor Poole, professors at the Art Institute of Chicago, established the camp in the Frogtown community south of the village. The name Frogtown can be traced to the nickname for a French couple who lived in the area. Apparently, the practice of referring to the French as Frogs was based on the green hue of their WWI uniforms, hats and boots and was not, at that time, considered derogatory."   Accessed 4/22


Eagle's Nest Art Colony

Please click here to see artworks by artists affiliated with the Eagle's Nest Art Colony


From other websites:

Eagle's Nest Art Colony from The Oregon Public Library's Eagle's Nest Colony Art Collection, Oregon Illinois. Includes numerous artist biographies and images of artworks in the collection. Accessed July, 2016.

Eagle's Nest Art Colony from Wikipedia. Accessed July, 2015


Ivy Wild

From other websites:

Out of the Blue! George Frederick Gleich's 1924 "Sketches from Life and Nature" by Rebecca Ragan Akins in California Desert Art by Ann Japenga. Accessed 5/22


New Harmony Arts Community

From other websites:

New Harmony Arts Community from AskArt.com. Accessed July, 2015


Park Ridge Art Colony

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Park Ridge Art Colony from AskArt.com


Richmond Art Colony

Articles and essays from Resource Library:

A Walk in the Woods: The Art of John Elwood Bundy, by William H. Gerdts covering the Richmond (Indiana) School

From other websites:

Richmond Group from Richmond Art Museum. Accessed July, 2015


Stone City Art Colony


(above: Unidentified photographer, Artists in the Stone City Art Colony, 1932,  "FI0013826," Stone City Art Colony, 1932. Donated by LeAnn Lemberger / Fortepan Iowa. CC-BY-SA. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)


(above: Grant Wood, Self-Portrait, c. 1925, Figge Art Museum. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons*)



Examples of artists' artworks pending availability of Wikimedia Commons images:

Francis Chapin 

Marvin Cone 

Adrian Dornbush 

David McCosh

Arnold Pyle

Edward Rowan 

Florence Sprague 


From other websites:

Expressions of Home: The Watercolors of Lela Powers Briggs was an exhibit held May 16 - August 30, 2015 at Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. CRMA says:"In the summer of 1933, Lela Briggs was part of the Stone City Art Colony, working with Grant Wood, Marvin Cone, and Adrian Dornbush. Energized by her experiences, she began to show frequently at art exhibitions in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Nebraska."

"The Stone City Art Colony: An Introduction," by Kristy Raine. published October 2003 by the Busse Library, Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Accessed July, 2016

"The Stone City Art Colony and School 1932-1933," The Artists: 1932 and other artists, from the Busse Library, Mount Mercy University, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Accessed July, 2016

Stone City Art Colony from Wikipedia. Accessed July, 2015


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