Articles and essays from Resource Library regarding Navajo Weavings (also see American Weaving for other resources)


(above: Navajo blankets in the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site Ganado, Arizona, undated photo, courtesy of Wikipedia)


Many Colored Weaves (4/21/08)

Trees in a Circle: Navajo Weavings of Teec Nos Pos (1/14/06)

Woven Rainbows: American Indian Trade Blankets (11/21/05)

Blanket Statements (9/19/05)

Trees in a Circle: Navajo Weavings of Teec Nos Pos (9/15/04)

Southwest Textiles: Pueblo and Navajo Traditions (2/20/04)

Evolving Identities: Figurative Work from the 19th Century to Now (2/4/04)

American Indian Art at the Spencer Museum of Art (9/25/03)

Angel DeCora: American Artist and Educator; article by Sarah McAnulty (8/4/03)

The Navajo Weaving Tradition (11/13/00)

Stories Woven In: the Navajo Way of Seeing (9/9/99)

Southwest Weaving: A Continuum (7/7/99)

Navajo Weavings from the Getzwiller Collection (1/29/99)

Gifts of the Spirit: Works by 19th Century and Contemporary Native American Artists (5/24/98)


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