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This section of the Traditional Fine Arts Organization (TFAO) catalogue Topics in American Art is devoted to the topic "American Illustrated Literature for Children." Clicking on titles takes readers directly to the articles and essays. The date at the end of each title is the date of publication in Resource Library.


Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Dinotopia: The Fantastical Art of James Gurney (3/8/10)

Norman Rockwell (7/3/09)

Fantasies and Fairy-Tales: Maxfield Parrish and the Art of the Print (6/2/09)

Draw to Live and Live to Draw: Prints and Illustrations by Wanda Gag (1893 - 1946) (3/17/09)

Denise Fleming: Painting with Paper (5/6/08)

Seonna Hong; essay by Dana Self (11/13/06)

The Imaginary Beasts of Royal Lacey Scoville (10/4/06)

American ABC: Childhood in 19th-Century America (9/22/06)

The Art of Eric Carle (9/5/06)

Weird and Wonderful:  Graphics by Leonard Baskin (6/29/06)

Flora, Fauna, and Fantasy: The Art of Dorothy Lathrop (2/3/06)

Honoring Heroes in History: Illustrations from the Coretta Scott King Book Awards, 2001-2005 (2/2/06)


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