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Articles and essays from Resource Library in chronological order:

Albino R. Hinojosa: An American Realist (9/5/09)

Presence as an Aspect of A New Realism; essay by John Lloyd Taylor (1/20/09)

Directions 2: Aspects of a New Realism; essay by Tracy Atkinson (1/20/09)

The Neglected Generation of American Realist Painters: 1930-1948, Introduction; essay by Howard E. Wooden (1/12/09)

A Measured and Deliberate Response: The Art of Colin Berry (12/3/08)

Between Heaven and Earth: The Paintings of Martha Mayer Erlebacher (2/3/06)

The Reality Show (9/26/05)

With Friends: Six Magic Realists 1940-1965 (8/9/05)

Bert Carpenter: Persistence of Realism; essay by Sam Yates (5/9/05)

Natural Histories: Realism Revisited (5/27/04)


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