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Resource Library articles and essays honoring the American experience through its art:

Howard Finster: Image + Words = God (12/22/06)

Santos and Retablos (11/28/06)

(above: Santo from the exhibit Santos and Retablos)


Retablo: Behind the Altar, A Collection of Paul LeBaron Thiebaud (9/29/06)

From the Seen to the Unseen: Brother Mark Mahoney (7/29/06)

Lee Baxter Davis (1/31/06)

Finding Religion: American Art from the Hartford Steam Boiler Collection (12/20/05)

Taking the High Road: Art, Family and Legacy in Córdova, New Mexico (11/3/05)

Saint Makers: A Living Tradition in American Folk Art; with essay by Father Thomas J. Steele, S.J. (9/6/05)

Painted Faith: Traditional New Mexican Devotional Images; essay by Cody James Hartley (2/28/05)

TOOLS OF HER MINISTRY: The Art of Sister Gertrude Morgan (11/26/04)

Joseph Stella: Madonnas & Related Work; essay by Irma B. Jaffe (12/14/04)

Revelations and Reflections of Self-Taught Artists (7/28/04)

Adorned: Mixed Media Works by Ione Citrin and Jerry de la Cruz (4/5/04)

My America: Art from The Jewish Museum Collection, 1900-1955 (2/24/04)


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