2006 American 18-19th Century Landscape Painting



(above: Thomas Hill, Great Canyon of the Sierra, Yosemite, 1872. Crocker Art Museum)


Geographies of Wonder: Origin Stories of America's National Parks, 1872-1933 (6/6/16)

Friend of the Family, Two Paintings by George Caleb Bingham; essay by Mary Francey (10/12/11)

Albert Tissandier: Drawings of Nature and Industry in the United States: 1885; essay by Mary Francey (12/7/09)

Under the Canopy of Heaven: Works by William Sidney Mount (10/16/09)

Expanding Horizons: Painting and Photography of American and Canadian Landscape 1860-1918 (7/16/09)

William Lamb Picknell: An American Emersonian Artist; essay by Lauren Walden Rabb (1/30/09)

Spring Bloom and Autumn Blaze: Topographies of American Landscape and Character; essay by John Wilmerding (1/17/09)

American Landscape Painting, 1795-1875; essay by Frank H. Goodyear Jr (8/1/08)

A Paradise of Riches: Joshua Shaw and the Southern Frontier (4/30/08)

Small but Sublime: Intimate Views by Durand, Bierstadt and Inness (3/28/08)

Venetian Scenes by Walter Launt Palmer (1/9/08)

At Home and Abroad: The Transcendental Landscapes of Christopher Pearse Cranch (11/7/07)

Kindred Spirits: Asher B. Durand and the American Landscape (8/25/07)

The Weight of a Perpetual Creation: George Cook's Tallulah Falls and American Tourist Representations of Waterfalls; essay by Paul A. Manoguerra (5/20/06)


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