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Article and essay headers

At the top of the initial Resource Library page for a text there is usually a header block containing source and contact identification for the article or essay text. The header may be preceded by double solid lines and followed by double solid lines.

Headers for Resource Library article source material provided by institutions without named authors in most cases contain the name of the institutional source and contact information usually including the phone number of the institution and, wherever available, its home page URL.

Headers for articles or essays published in Resource Library with named authors usually contain the source name, date of publication and in some instances date of publication permission. The header may also contain information concerning the name and dates of an exhibition pertaining to the text and other relevant information. Contact information for the source may also be provided including directions for readers who wish to purchase a copy of the related paper-printed catalogue, book or magazine.

In instances where relevant information is not placed in headers, it is usually placed in editor's notes following articles and essays. Also, in some instances, certain header information is repeated in editor's notes.


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